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Akita Weight Chart by Months| Akita Growth Chart

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The Akita weight is an excellent parameter for controlling the balance of the menu, the state of health, and the quality of life of large native Spitz-like.

Officially no limits for Akita Inu’s weight

At the end of 2010, in the AKIHO rings, the judging council and the invited expert community canceled the overall parameters of the Akita Inu declared by the standard. The collective opinion of the Akita authorities was unanimous that dry borders fetter the ancient shaggy aristocrats, and go to the detriment of the development of the breed.

A proposal of “no limits” was put forward when evaluating a dog on an exhibition track, one should use the terms “measure of massiveness”, “balance of volumes”, and “harmony of appearance”.

The new Japanese standard essentially excludes the height parameter a tall (at the withers) dog and a squat (stocky) animal can (and should) be ideal. The approximate weight/height of an adult Akita Inu dog is

A male Akita Inu with a height of 64-70 cm can have a weight in the fork of 30-40 kg.
Akita Inu bitch with a height at the withers of 58-64 cm usually weighs 20-30 kg.

The Japanese cynological community insists an adult Akita Inu should look dry, fit, elegant, swiftly predatory, and very powerful.

no limits for Akita Inu's weight

Akita puppy weight chart by months

Weight control is the most important breeding procedure. Monthly weighing of Akita Inu puppies well reveals development problems and allows you to track the anamnesis of the litter, and general trends in the development of the litter. Breeders willingly share what they have accumulated an open information array is beneficial for the formation of the breed.

Weight of a newborn puppy island Akita

From 350 grams to 700 grams (depending on the number of newborn babies). Healthy puppies show a good appetite and quickly gain weight. The given parameters are not a dogma, but only a form factor guideline

First week1200–1800 gr
Second1600–2200 gr
Third2400–3200 gr
Fourth3700–4600 gr

Island Akita puppy weight by months

I month 3.5–4.5 kg
II8–10 kg
III12–14 kg
IV 18–22 kg
V22–25 kg
VI26–28 kg
VII–XIX30-37 kg
X-XII30-40 kg

American Big Dogs weight

The American Akita (large Japanese dog) is a powerful, large, and well-balanced dog. Continental standards are soft and variable in terms of dimensions the standard stipulates a “massive fork” and provides sufficient freedom These are recommended parameters

The weight of an American Akita male (with a height of 66-70 cm) should not exceed 65 kg
American Akita female with a height at the withers of 62 cm usually weighs 55 kg.

The American Akita slowly matures, slowly entering the juice by the age of three a weight gain of five kg per month is considered the normal

American Big Dogs weight

American Akita weight by months

Massive babies and bumpkins of the American Akita should not be fed overeating causes obesity and problems in the musculoskeletal system. Systemic weighing is a great way to control and prevent

First week1300–2000 gr
Second1700–2400 gr
Third2500–3600 gr
Fourth 3900–4500 gr

American Akita puppy weight chart

I month3.5–4.5 kg
II8–10 kg
III12–14 kg
IV18–22 kg
V22–25 kg
VI26–28 kg
VII30–32 kg
VIII33–35 kg
XIX35-37 kg
XI40–42 kg
XII42–44 kg


Measurement of body weight is a simple method of establishing a reference point, a guaranteed opportunity for the owner and veterinarian to track weight imbalance. The weight redundancy parameter is calculated simply because the weight of a pet should not exceed the parameters recommended by the standard by 10 percent. Deviation from the “reference” parameters (in any direction) is an urgent reason to make an appointment with a nutritionist at a veterinary clinic.

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