Beagle Pregnancy And Childbirth| Complete Detail

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This dog does not have specific breed diseases that cause difficulties with Beagle pregnancy and childbirth. Owners often think that the production of offspring is a natural process, meaning there can be no failure, even if the dog is left alone.

The statistics show that mortality among bitches and puppies left without obstetric care is much higher than among those who received medical care. Particular attention should be paid to protection against infections this is the most common cause of death for babies.

The child’s health depends on the course of pregnancy in the mother and on the health of both parentsthis applies equally to people and dogs. To obtain healthy offspring, the owner of the bitch, and even more so the breeder, should familiarize himself with the details of pregnancy management and possible errors in advance.

Pregnant Beagle stages

The first estrus in a beagle occurs at 6–12 months, but this does not indicate the full maturation of the body. It is advised to knit beagles after two years veterinarians recommend waiting until the third estrus and planning reproduction only then by this time, the dog, with proper care, is ready to give birth.

Pregnancy in beagles lasts an average of 60 days, but a period of 53 to 71 days is not considered abnormal. Signs of successful mating, that is, the onset of pregnancy, are

Pregnant Beagle

Change in eating behavior: The bitch may start eating more than usual or less (more common).
Change in habits: When pregnancy occurs, many dogs become less active and sleep more.
Swelling and redness of the nipples: Noticeable already for a period of 2-3 weeks.
An increase in the abdomen: Becomes visible after 4-5 weeks.
Three weeks after fertilization: It is possible to determine the onset of pregnancy by the content of the hormone relaxin in the blood. After the fifth week, an ultrasound will provide reliable information. These examinations must be completed to rule out a false pregnancy.

What to feed Pregnant Beagle

A pregnant beagle bitch needs a higher calorie more nutrient dense diet than usual. Choose a food specially adapted for expectant mothers and increase portions by 10% weekly. Suppose you feed your dog with natural products.

In that case, you should gradually change the proportions increasing the amount of meat food in the diet by reducing the amount of carbohydrates and fiber. From cereal feed, enter wheat this is a source of vitamin B. Raw yolks and fish oil are needed. During pregnancy, your pet needs dairy products however, in the longer term, the calcium content of the diet needs to be reduced.

As the puppies develop in utero, the daily ration is gradually crushed, giving food in small portions, but more often (starting from the 4th week, this is four feedings per day).

Necessary: During gestation, the dog does not require vitaminized and calcified supplements. It must receive all the nutrients and minerals naturally from food. Hypervitaminosis is dangerous for developmental pathologies in offspring, and an excess of calcium leads to a violation of the metabolism of magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc, which are necessary for both mother and children. Introducing additional complexes of substances into the diet is permissible only as directed by a veterinarian.

Prepration before puppy birth

Three weeks before the expected date of birth, it is necessary to equip a place where the bitch can “make a nest” for puppies.For 10-7 days, the dog should be washed carefully so as not to cause discomfort or damage to the stomach and not catch a cold.

Then start measuring the temperature three times a day (typically, it is about 38 °C). Exercise is still required, but do not let the expectant mother off the leash (most likely, she will not want to be active and walk for a long time).

Several signs can determine the approach of childbirth in a beagle:

A sharp drop in temperature to 36.5-36.8 ° C for several hours indicates that the bitch should give birth in a day or two.

Loss of appetite: The dog may refuse food a day or two before birth

Separation of the mucous plug: As a result, discharge from the loop (a day or three before delivery)
Atypical behavior of the bitch: she can look for a secluded place or, on the contrary, actively demand affection, dig the litter

Responsible moment when Beagle giving birth

To be ready for childbirth and not get confused, it is better to prepare everything you need in advance
sterile diapers, gauze, and napkins

 Beagle giving birth
  • dry towel
  • scissors with rounded edges (the dog can actively move, but there is a risk of injuring it or the puppies)
  • antiseptic
  • clean oilcloth
  • medical gloves
  • electronic scales, notebook, and pen
  • colored threads mark puppies
  • silk thread (put in a disinfectant solution)
  • warm box.

The birth of a beagle lasts from several hours to a day. The process can be divided into three periods.

Start of fights.

There is an opening of the cervix and softening of the birth canal. The battle typically lasts 10 to 30 seconds the dog rests and calms between them.

Waste of amniotic fluid, attempts, and, in fact, the birth of babies.

This is an excruciating process, so the owner should give the dog maximum attention. With multiple pregnancies, a woman in labor cannot always reach the fetal bladder and release the puppy. In this case, you need to quickly and accurately open the fetal bladder and cut the umbilical cord without pulling it. The umbilical cord is tied with silk thread.

After each puppy, the after birth leaves

The placenta and the fetal membrane instinct dictates the dog to eat it. There is no consensus among veterinarians on whether eating after birth is beneficial. It is better not to let him eat it all it is fraught with indigestion. Check if the placenta came out after the last puppy if it is not removed, inflammation will develop (if the placenta does not come out within a few hours, a doctor’s intervention is required).

False Beagle pregnancy

Bitches of all breeds are susceptible to this disease, and the beagle is no exception. After mating, signs of pregnancy appear (until the dog begins to “make a nest” for childbirth), even though fertilization has not occurred.

The physical symptoms are consistent with an actual pregnancy the abdomen may even enlarge. This condition often resolves on its own in 2-3 weeks, but hormonal treatment is required in complex cases. If you are affected by such a problem, do not take independent actions – consult your veterinarian.

Possible difficulties during Beagle pregnancy

If a beagle bitch gives birth for the first time, difficulties may arise due to lack of experience
If the puppy was born without signs of life, you need to free his airways from mucus, check if the tongue is sunken, rub it, make sure there is breathing, and put it on the mother before starting new attempts.

If the puppy is stuck in the birth canal, and there is no doctor nearby, you must help him be born this is his only chance to survive. To do this, gently release your head and shoulders after wrapping your hands with gauze so that they do not slip.

If the dog does not show initiative toward the newborn, bring it to its muzzle as a rule, beagle mothers quickly understand what is required of them If the puppy were born dead, you must carefully but quickly pull it out.

Otherwise, the rest will suffocate.These measures are urgent a doctor should be present during childbirth if possible. But an attentive owner can help the pet to produce offspring. The birth of babies is severe physical and mental stress: prepare yourself mentally and mentally because your calmness and correct actions are essential to success.


In conclusion we conclude that Beagle pregnancy is the time taking should take care and give complete attention to your dog when beagle giving birth to the puppies. pregnant beagle also need proper food.

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