Golden Retriever Rescue In Alaska

Golden Retriever Rescue In Alaska, USA

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Are you interested in a Golden Retriever Rescue in Alaska? Getting a Golden Retriever as a pet can be a very rewarding experience. Dogs such as Golden Retrievers are hard to find and in high demand because of their friendly and affectionate personalities, as well as their intelligence and trainability. Often they are used to provide service, as therapy dogs, or as family pets.

Considering adopting a Golden Retriever for your family? Make sure you are ready for the time and commitment involved in owning a pet. It is possible to make a Golden Retriever a wonderful and loving companion if they are provided with the right attention and care.

Adopt A Golden Retriever

In this article, I will guide you to adopt a Golden Retriever in Alaska. If you have adoption or rescue experience then you know how to adopt a pet but if you are new as well as experienced then I suggest you research rescue centers or breeders first. Do and then decide to adopt a Golden Retriever. So firstly I will discuss Golden Retriever Rescue Centers and Breeders in Alaska. Also, I will give you some tips for Golden Retriever Rescue in Alaska.

Golden Retriever rescue centers in Alaska

1. Golden Retriever Rescue (GRR) in Alaska

Golden Retriever Rescue (GRR) is a group of dedicated volunteers who place unwanted, neglected, or relinquished Golden Retrievers into new loving homes. It gives them a second chance to live in a loving family in a forever home.

They accept Goldens, Retrievers, and those who are “Golden at Heart.” Their dogs are given up to GRRF from a variety of sources, including their local Borough Animal Shelter, remote Alaskan villages, and families that are going through difficult times.

All of their dogs have undergone hip X-rays, blood tests, and vaccinations, and they are all spayed or neutered. Before being made available for adoption, dogs older than 7 years old undergo further testing to make sure they are beginning their new lives in the best possible health.

Golden Retriever Rescue (GRR) details:

Address: Fairbanks, AK 99707, United States
Phone: +1 907-479-5577
Experience: More than 10 years
Website: Golden Retriever Rescue (GRR)

2. Hues of Gold Goldens

The breeder and trainer of British Cream Golden Retrievers are called Hues of Gold Goldens. They constantly submit their dogs for testing through OFA, BVA, AHT, and Optigen, taking great satisfaction in their dogs’ health, strength, and breeding. As well as offering your dog a training session if necessary.

This breeder, who has won numerous awards for their Cream Goldens, is known for producing some of the most beautiful dogs available in Alaska and across the nation. He has also worked with PTSD sufferers and trained dogs for military service and show performances.

Hues of Gold Goldens details:

Address: 37170 Aspenwood Ct, Sterling, AK 99669, United States
Phone: +1 907-312-1245
Experience: More than 10 years
Website: Hues of Gold Goldens

3. Sourdough Goldens Of Alaska

The dogs bred by Sourdough Goldens Of Alaska are friendly by nature and make wonderful family pets. Her mother developed a fondness for Goldens when she was a young girl, and now their family breeds the finest dogs available. They specialize in importing purebred English-style golden retrievers from Europe.

They work hard to produce golden retriever puppies that are strong, joyful, and self-assured. They achieve this through their commitment to their dogs and their puppies. They put a lot of effort into creating and raising beautiful, intelligent, loyal, loving, and self-assured dogs.

Their puppies will go through the typical socialization process, which includes early neurological stimulation, and exposure to various sounds, textures, and living spaces, among other things. All of this is done to give your puppy the best possible start in life and to help it feel secure and happy in its new home.

Before being added to the reservation list, you must contact or complete the application. A dog with a limited AKC registration costs $2500, according to their website. A breeding-rights dog costs $4000. They are only offered with permission.

Sourdough Goldens Of Alaska details:

Areas served: Palmer and nearby area
Address: 13020 Peaks View Ct, Seward, AK 99664, United States
Phone: +1 907-602-2722
Website: Sourdough Goldens Of Alaska
Golden Retriever rescue centers in Alaska

Golden Retriever breeders in Alaska

1. Hufflepup Goldens

A famous breeder of English Golden Retrievers with a love for animals is Hufflepup Goldens. Since 2014, they have been producing Golden Retrievers. They focus on breeding for superior quality and make sure to always maintain the highest standards. All of their dogs have OFA clearances and have been DNA-cleared for genetic problems. They are delighted to claim that they raise their puppies with Puppy Culture while keeping them underfoot in their own house.

The main priority of Hufflepup Goldens is ensuring the health and well-being of all their puppies from birth until they leave with their forever family and beyond. They strive to be a forever resource for their extended golden family. They are here to help their owners achieve their goals with their new furry family members.
Please get in touch with them or visit their website if you want to find out more about them or to ask about available puppies or upcoming litters.

Hufflepup Goldens details:

Owner: Annabel Matwijow
Address: Wasilla, Matanuska-Susitna 99623, USA
Experience: More than 10 years
Website: Hufflepup Goldens

2. Birchwood Goldens

Because they give their loving puppies extra attention, Birchwood Goldens is among the greatest Golden Retriever breeders in Alaska. Breeding pups go through a variety of examinations, including comprehensive genetic testing in addition to the standard OFA certification exams, to guarantee that you obtain a healthy dog for the longest possible companionship.

The owners of Birchwood Goldens make choosing your newest furry family member as easy and simple as possible by providing in-person delivery when necessary and puppy visits at six weeks of age. You may be sure you’re getting a high-quality, loving, healthy puppy with ENS training, complete vaccinations, AKC registration, and socialization with the breeder’s family.

Birchwood Goldens details:

Owner: Pat and Jenny Daniels
Address: PO Box 521655, Big Lake, AK 99652, USA
Experience: More than 15 years
Website: Birchwood Goldens
Golden Retriever breeders in Alaska

Tips for Golden Retriever Rescue in Alaska

If you want to Golden Retriever rescue in Alaska, there are several tips you can consider:

Search online: Many animal rescue centers and breeders have websites or listings on pet adoption websites that you can search to find Golden Retrievers in need of a home.
Contact local breeders and rescue centers: Check with your local animal breeder and rescue organizations in Alaska, as they may have Golden Retrievers in need of adoption.
Reach out to Golden Retriever-specific rescue center: There are several breed-specific rescue organizations that focus on rescuing Golden Retrievers. These organizations may have connections to Golden Retriever rescue in Alaska.

Regardless of which option you choose, make sure to thoroughly research the organization or breeder before adopting a dog, and ensure that the dog is in a healthy and safe environment. Remember, rescuing a dog is a big responsibility and requires a significant time commitment. Make sure you are prepared to provide a loving and stable home for the dog before making the decision to rescue it.

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