Golden Retriever Rescue In Kentucky

Golden Retriever Rescue In Kentucky | Adopt A Golden Retriever

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Golden Retriever Rescue in Kentucky is no big deal. But before adopting a Golden Retriever, you should know about them. Before adopting a dog, you need to carefully consider what kind of dog you want to have.

If you’re interested in several breeds and can’t decide which one is best, find out all about the temperament of each breed before you decide. By doing this, you will be equipped to make wise decisions. This is crucial since you’re adopting a dog that will grow up to be a member of your family for at least a dozen years. Making the decision to adopt a dog should not be based on emotion.

Golden Retriever Rescue In Kentucky

If you adopt a Golden Retriever, it’s no surprise to immediately pounce on a cute dog that catches your eye. All Golden Retrievers are cute, even those of poor quality and unhealthy. Whether you want a show dog, test dog, hunting dog, or just a family pet, the more you think before you buy, the more likely you’ll find what you’re looking for.

In this article, I will give you all the details about adopting a Golden Retriever, along with information about Golden Retriever rescue centers and Golden Retriever temperament. I’ll start by talking about Golden Retriever Rescue Centers in Kentucky.

Golden Retriever rescue centers in Kentucky

There are many rescue centers in Kentucky, but we think these are the top Golden Retriever Rescue Centers in Kentucky. Always choose a reputable breeder that produces healthy breeds.

1. Goldenstar Goldens

According to their website, Goldenstar Goldens has been in operation for more than 30 years and is a family-run company. On their website, they share an interesting story of how they began breeding Golden Retrievers. Thus, you get a front-row ticket to watch the history of your dog. It is also stated on their website that all of their breeding dogs have been screened for hips, eyes, elbows, and knees. This breeder does more than breed. They compete in conformation, agility, and obedience with their dogs as well.

Goldenstar Goldens details:

Address: Louisville, Kentucky, 40291 USA
Phone Number: (502) 896-0717
Experience: 31+ years in business
Website: Goldenstar Goldens

2. Golden Acres Farms

Golden Acres Farms is one of the top Golden Retriever rescue centers. This farm has two new buildings with fences so you can see where the dogs and puppies are raised, all on 50 acres. A climate-controlled building is available for dogs and puppies to come in and out as they please, and they can play and roam in a fenced area. This farm is located in a cattle farming country about 7 miles from Columbia on a dead-end road. And, dogs love to bark at livestock. Golden Acres Farms guarantees that your new puppy will leave with you in perfect physical condition.

The dog will receive the proper vaccinations for its age, be vaccinated, and have a complete health examination by a veterinarian. The farm will guarantee your dog’s health for one year.

Golden Acres Farms details:

Areas served: Lexington Manor and nearby area
Address: 188 Beckham-Loy Rd, Columbia, KY 42728, United States
Phone: +1 270-805-1555
Website: Golden Acres Farms

3. GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers

GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers is owned and managed by Cathy Burgess. Their website has extensive information regarding their training, enrichment, mentors, etc. To get a Golden Retriever from GoldenQuest, you need to fill out the “Matchmaker” form. Their reimbursements start at $5,600 and all their health papers are up to date.

GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers details:

Address: 12641 Troy Pike, Versailles, KY 40383, United States
Phone: +1 859-879-3647
Experience: 7+ years in business
Website: GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers
Golden Retriever rescue centers in Kentucky

4. Johnsen Family Goldens

The owner of Johnsen Family Goldens is Elizabeth Johnson. For more than 15 years, she has only bred Golden Retrievers. On their website, you may see pictures of their dogs, some of whom are even holding babies in swaddles. Their website is filled with reviews and images of contented owners who depended on them to adopt their Golden Retriever.

Their website does not include pricing for their Golden Retrievers. However, they are well-informed about their application procedure. To reserve your position, you must submit a form and a $200 non-refundable deposit.

Johnsen Family Goldens details:

Areas served: Kentucky and nearby areas
Address: Roachville Rd, Campbellsville, KY 42718, United States
Phone: +1 270-403-8408
Website: Johnsen Family Goldens

5. Southern Farms Golden Retrievers

Southern Farms Golden Retrievers is one of the last Golden Retriever rescue centers in Kentucky on the list. Billy Sizemore and his wife Creda are the owners and operators of Southern Farms Golden Retrievers. They started breeding Golden Retrievers in February 2016 and have loved every single one of them ever since. They breed more of the English variety than the American variety.

Each dog costs $2,000 and requires a non-refundable $300 deposit. In addition, their dogs come with AKC registration and all necessary health papers.

Southern Farms Golden Retrievers details:

Address: 2099 Somerset Rd, London, KY 40741, United States
Phone: +1 606-260-8306
Experience: 5+ years in business
Website: Southern Farms Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever temperament

Temperament is the main aspect of the breed and should not be neglected. We have repeatedly emphasized the distinctive property of the Golden Retriever and Golden Retriever temperament. So, the main traits of the Golden Retriever temperament:

  • sociability
  • devotion
  • love for children
  • mental stability
  • friendliness
  • complaisance

The Golden Retriever is a hardy and energetic dog with good memory and instincts, allowing it to work on both land and water, where it is able to find bold games. Initially, golden retrievers were bred to work in hunting. Currently, golden retrievers have successfully specialized in many other professions.

Golden Retriever temperament

By nature, golden retrievers are very kind, intelligent, affectionate, playful, and calm dogs, they rarely bark, and therefore are not suitable as guard dogs. Golden retrievers love people and respect them in every possible way. They simply enjoy playing with kids and can put up with all the “bullying” that kids can engage in because of their healthy mental health.

Psychologists claim that animals of this species are completely safe and will never harm young people. Given the kindness and intelligence of Golden Retrievers, violent behavior is not the norm. They want to fulfill their owner’s every request, so you don’t even need to use your voice when talking to them.

The first female Golden Retriever was brought to the USSR from the USA in 1989 by Alexei Serov, founder of the Russian Retriever Club. The first litter was born in 1991

Tips for Golden Retriever Rescue in Kentucky

  • Research the breed of dog that you are looking to adopt or rescue. It is important to know how big they will get, their energy levels, and if they have any unique traits.
  • Meet with a shelter staff member and fill out an adoption application so that the staff can help match you with a dog that might be a good fit for your family.
  • When you meet the dogs at the shelter, take time to observe them. Take notice of their personality as well as their physical appearance (e.g., coat type).
  • If possible, test-drive a dog by taking him or her on a walk before deciding whether or not he/she would be right for your family.
  • Once you’ve found a dog who’s right for your family, make sure to ask questions about what kind of food he eats and when she needs to go outside.


There are many golden retriever rescue centers in Kentucky because they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the country. All of them are ready to breed quickly and some of them do not adhere to breeding standards. Do your research to find a reliable center.

Golden recovery requires 10 to 12 years of investment. So make sure you check with any appropriate centers about health testing, genetic testing, and puppy warranties, and see if you can visit their breeding facilities. You want to adopt a healthy dog ​​from a Golden Retriever Rescue Center that you can trust.

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