Can We Use Golden Retrievers As Service Dogs?

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The simple and sweet answer of that Can we use golden retrievers as service dogs are yes. Golden Retrievers are hunting breeds and can be used as service dogs. Golden Retrievers are used as guide dogs for blind people and for children who are at home alone. we thoroughly discuss golden retrievers as service dogs

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Golden Retrievers as service dogs are a good option?

Many people use golden retrievers as service dogs. Common guide dogs are generally Golden Retrievers that are strong in physique, competent in mind, relatively docile in temper, and have inherent advantages for “selected” guide dogs. Shepherd was also on the preferred list before, but because of its slightly sturdy appearance, it is easy to make people feel scared, and it is gradually rare.

Of course, not all Labradors and Golden Retrievers are eligible for election, and those with medium physique, stable temperature, friendly, intelligent and obedient, and well-developed eyesight and hearing need to be selected. In addition, the “ancestors” such as the dog’s father and grandfather should be inspected. Generally, three generations should be examined, and the physiological conditions, genetic diseases, personality, and behavioral characteristics of each generation should be checked. Both been guide dogs, they may have excellent genetics in this regard, which is more conducive to training and improving the success rate of training.

Golden Retrievers as service dogs are a good option?

Different types of services provided by service dogs

Did you know that in addition to the guide dog, the best-known type, there are several service dogs? They are trained to help people who have an illness or disability, and they are great friends. Check out the list of the 10 types of dogs that work for the well-being of humans.

Guide dog

The guide dog is trained to provide greater mobility and independence for the visually impaired. They warn of obstacles such as tree branches, uneven floors, and stairs. Although the Labrador is the most used dog for this purpose, it is possible to use other breeds such as the Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd.

Hearing dog

The hearing dog is trained to assist the deaf or hard of hearing. They alert their owners to sounds such as the doorbell, fire alarm, telephone ringing, clock, and oven alarms. The most common hearing dog breeds are Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Poodle, and Cavalier King Charles.

Diabetic alert dog

These dogs are trained to, through their nose, detect a drop in blood sugar levels. They are mainly used for people who have type 1 diabetes, who cannot notice a drop in blood sugar until it is too low and becomes dangerous. Trained dogs alert their owners when this happens and even bring objects, such as a sweet treat or medicine. The most used breeds are Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Shetland Shepherd, Poodle, Corgi, and Australian Shepherd.

Therapy dog

Therapy dogs help improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of patients in hospitals and nursing homes. They help people with mental disabilities, learning problems, difficulties in socializing, and elderly people in nursing homes.

Psychiatric service dog

The psychiatric service dog provides assistance to people suffering from panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, depression, or autism.

Seizure alert dog

The dog trained to warn of a seizure can warn its owner before it happens. It is not known for sure how dogs are able to perceive an imminent seizure, but some scientists believe it is by smell. Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, and Border Collie mixes are some of the breeds capable of detecting and alerting their owners to seizures.

Seizure response dog

Unlike the Seizure Alert Dog, the Seizure Response Dog does not anticipate the event but is trained to help its owner during or shortly after a seizure. They can find someone to help or provide a deep pressure stimulus by lying on top of the owner during the seizure. This type of dog is also capable of taking medicine from its owner. The most used breeds are Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, and Poodle.

Mobility service dog

Mobility service dogs are important for people with reduced mobility, such as wheelchair users. They are trained to pick up objects, turn lights on or off, open drawers and cupboards, and even help their owner get dressed.

Military service dog

Military service dogs offer retired soldiers a sense of independence and well-being. They are different from military work dogs, who work in war or on missions. This type of dog helps to return soldiers overcome post-traumatic stress or motor impairments.

Allergy alert dog

Dogs can be trained to recognize specific smells, such as gluten or peanuts, helping allergic people avoid foods they cannot consume.

allergy alert dog

Qualities a Service Dog Should Have

There are several characteristics that a good service dog should exhibit. Below, we discuss the most important service dog qualities and explain why they are important.


Intelligence is the essential quality of a good service dog. Without this, dogs cannot be trained to do their job. This is especially important because some service dog jobs can save lives. Not all dogs can do all the work, but a high level of intelligence is definitely useful.

Friendly and calm demeanor

They often work closely with people and other animals, so they need to be friendly and get along well with each other. Defensive and overprotective dogs work well, but guard dogs usually don’t have the necessary skills to function as emotional support, therapy, or service dogs.

Service dogs can also find themselves in very high-pressure situations. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to calmly respond to any situation. Also, don’t get the urge to play or react when you pass other dogs. Also, when you pass another dog, don’t be driven by the urge to “play”, but don’t be upset.

Strong work ethic

While some dogs are lazy and lazy around the house for hours, service dogs have different personalities and can be forced to work long hours. Also, if you’ve been trained to look out for certain warning signs, you may have to be alert all the time. Assistance dogs need a strong work ethic to get the job done.


Some breeds are smart, but some are stubborn and difficult to train. Dog breeds that are commonly used as service dogs are characterized by many types that are sweetened in a way that makes it easier for them to acquire the necessary techniques and skills.

Ability to bond

Finally, the ability to bond with human companions is also important. This is because protection dogs such as service dogs and police dogs cannot do their jobs well unless they deepen their bonds with humans.

How to become a qualified guide dog?

How to know that your Golden Retriever is in service

A service dog is at work when it is wearing a cape, even if it looks like it is resting. Do not distract your service dog by touching, whistling, or bringing your own pet closer. Don’t give food without permission. When you call out, please ask the user, not the dog.

If you see a service dog and its user while driving, especially when passing from behind or near a pedestrian crossing, stop or slow down to ensure safety. Also, do not park on the street, which will obstruct traffic. In addition, able-bodied people should not park in handicapped parking spaces. Many people who use service dogs drive cars, and it is necessary to open the car door fully to get in and out of the dog or wheelchair. Do not park your car, motorcycle, or bicycle in a place that interferes with opening and closing the door.


Our article Can we use golden retrievers as service dogs come to an end with the conclusion that Golden Retrievers are a good choice as service dogs you can use your golden retriever for this purpose Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and family-friendly dog breed and they carry all that require things that service dog should have.

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