Chow Chow with her Children

Chow Chow pregnancy and childbirth

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If your favorite Chow Chow is about to become a mother, there will be noticeable changes in her condition. Chow chow pregnancy lasts about two months. If there are many puppies, they are born a little earlier, and if there are few, birth occurs on the 63rd day.

Chow Chow pregnancy symptoms

Clear signs are noticeable in the first period. There is a severe loss of appetite, and one is not even attracted to one’s favorite food. In the second month, everything is restored. The owner should carefully monitor the diet.

During this period, a large amount of protein is needed, which is found in fish, dairy products, and eggs. Taking into account the fact that there are no allergic reactions. It is also useful to give vitamins and calcium to a pregnant Chow Chow.

Nipples swell. This is noticeable by frequent scratching of the abdomen. In the second period, dark discharge is noticeable from the mammary glands. Transparent mucus appears in the loop area. Often, like in humans, toxicosis occurs in pregnant Chow Chows.

Chow Chow pregnancy

During Chow Chow pregnancy, activity decreases, the load on the heart muscle and renal system increases, and metabolism accelerates. Immediately before the moment of birth itself, anxiety and fear appear. The dog begins to look for a comfortable and protected place. The papillae swell greatly.

Preparing for Chow Chow Pregnancy and Birth

The entire period of Chow Chow pregnancy should proceed under the supervision of a veterinarian. It is much better if a specialist is present at the birth. If qualified assistance is not possible, the owner is obliged to adhere to the advice received previously.

First of all, prepare the place where the whole process will take place. It should be a dry, warm, dark place, with plenty of bedding.

You should introduce your pet to the future birthing area in advance. Very often, dogs tear the bedding into smaller pieces, imitating a nest. They do this for their own convenience, so you shouldn’t interfere.

A day before the puppies are born, the stomach drops significantly. It is up to a specialist to determine that a Chow Chow is giving birth. The owner independently navigates by the temperature of the animal. If the indicator has decreased by a degree, a joyful event should be expected within 24 hours.

Necessary things during childbirth

  • Your veterinarian’s phone number
  • Disinfectant solution for treatment
  • Comfortable scissors with rounded ends for cutting the umbilical cord
  • A large number of rags that are washed and ironed in advance for disinfection
  • A vessel with water placed next to the expectant mother
  • Multi-colored threads for marking babies, thick thread for tying the umbilical cord
  • Box for puppies.

The birth process

Like all women in labor, the Chow Chow goes into labor after the plug (a small lump of mucus) comes out. The process is divided into contractions and attempts. The contraction occurs with rapid breathing. Weak attempts can last up to six hours.

Chow Chow birth process

At the moment of increasing effort, a puppy appears. Everything should happen naturally, without the use of drugs, to avoid damage to the Chow’s organs . The baby that is born is in the amniotic sac

To free it from unnecessary film, the puppy’s body is carefully felt with your fingers, the membrane near the muzzle is broken, then it is removed. Having driven the blood to the tummy, the umbilical cord is cut.

The body is wiped with a clean cloth, freeing the respiratory organs from amniotic mucus, then given to the mother for licking and the first feeding.

The time of birth depends on the number of babies. The appearance period is from ten minutes to half an hour. Newborn chow chows are placed in a pre-prepared box.

Dead puppies

Unfortunately, even with proper care, stillborn babies are often born. You can independently determine whether the puppy is alive or not. To do this, place a finger in the mouth. If warmth is felt, there is hope for salvation, but otherwise there is no such chance.

During resuscitation, you should hold the baby’s head, use a clean cloth to clear the nasal sinuses and throat of fluid, and at the same time make a mass of the abdomen. Sometimes such manipulations can be successful.

Postpartum Care and Considerations for Chow Chow Mothers

To avoid poisoning, the dog is allowed to eat only two after births. After the birth of the last baby, the bitch needs to be provided with free access to air she can be taken out for a walk. Then wash and dry thoroughly.

5 weeks old Chow Chow pregnancy confirmed

The food offered remains ordinary. It is imperative to monitor the amount of salt so as not to cause toxicosis. Usually, new mothers lose a lot of body weight after childbirth. With proper care, the weight is quickly restored and the Chow Chow regains its usual beautiful appearance.

Important Note

  • The use of medications is carried out only on the recommendation of a veterinarian.
  • Inexperienced obstetricians should arrange a consultation with a doctor or his presence at the birth.
  • Try to show your pet with your presence that you are helping her and not trying to harm her. During labor, bitches become aggressive.
  • Protect the woman in labor from the presence of strangers, photo sessions, and filming, so as not to cause nervousness and anxiety.
  • Follow the advice and recommendations of experienced dog breeders on the care and maintenance of the Chow. And then the process of estrus, mating, and subsequently the birth of the Chow Chow will bring you closer to your pet and leave an indelible impression in your memory.

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