German Shepherd: Overview, Health, Characteristics, and Price

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The German Shepherd, also known as the German Blackback (Bei), is also known as the German Shepherd. The only thing that can be confirmed about its source is that it developed steadily throughout Germany in 1880 and is generally used for herding sheep.

NameGerman ShepherdCoat ColorBlack coat with brown, yellow and light gray constant spots
Size Large DogCountry Of OriginGermany
Weight34-43 KGLife 12 13 years
Height55-56 cmHairShort hair
AliasShepherd DogOld NamesAlsatian shepherd
Alsace shepherd
TailThe tail is full of hair, hanging downwards in the shape of a saber

German Shepherd Overview

They are agile and adapt to action-oriented work environments, so they are often assigned various tasks. Later, during the First World War, it was recruited by the German army as a military dog ​​and fought with the army on the battlefield. After being cultivated by the German military to learn from each other’s strengths, it has basically been finalized.

Because of its tall and mighty size and strong working ability, it is mainly used in military dogs, police dogs, search and rescue, guide, Shepherd, ornamental, and domestic pet dogs worldwide.

German shepherd Guard Dog
German shepherd Guard Dog

Purebred German Shepherd Characteristics

Head characteristics

The male collie has a visibly strong head, while the female collie has an exceptionally soft head. Viewed from the front, the dog has an arched forehead and a slightly sloping head giving it a lengthy appearance.

Neck characteristics

Neck solid and muscular, chiseled and relatively long, in proportion to the head and free from loose skin. When it is concerned or excited, its head is held high, and its neck is held high.

Waist and hip characteristics

Viewed from above, broad and robust. The rump is long and slopes gradually.

Features of limbs

The limbs should be thicker, the gait should be steady, and the forelimb pads should be warm, calm, and soft, not hot, dry or stiff. A healthy dog ​​should be in good spirits, with active and flexible limbs, and free from bows and knees.

Tail features

The hair is thick; the tail vertebra extends at least to the hock joint. The tail should be lowered like a sabre, with the head forward and the bottom slightly up, in a flat and extended motion.

The characteristics of the coat

This dog has a double layer of fur, and the whole body looks smooth. The outer skin looks thick and stiff, while the inner coat is soft and, like wool, can keep out the cold.

Color characteristics

Purebred German Shepherds are all black with a cloudy black coat on the back and face; in addition, the sternal valley of the German Shepherd can be allowed to be white, but this is not ideal; the undercoat of the German Shepherd should be Light gray, no second permitted colour.


In 1899, the first white German Shepherd, the officially registered ancestor was: Hektor Linkrsheim (Hector Linksheim), the first dog written by Captain Stefanitz in the new association Horand von Grafrath (Holland – Graves).

In 1899, Captain Stefanitz found an extremely active Hektor Linkrsheim at the All-Breed Show in Karlsruhe, which made him think it was a dog. A super dog is in line with his own ideas, so Mr. Stefanitz, the captain, bought the dog. Mr. Stefanitz renamed Hektor Linkrsheim (Hector Linksheim) to Horand vonGrafrath (Holand von Grafrath). De Graves) is also related to his grandfather being a white shepherd.

On April 17, 1902, This dog was officially born in Karlsruhe in western Germany. That year, at a dog exhibition, a cavalry captain named von Stefanitz showed people the excellent breeds he had carefully bred through numerous breeding trials for the first time.

German shepherd brothers
German Shepherd Brothers

After that, These dogs became the most popular army, police dog and Shepherd dog. Many countries used it to help the military and police search for drugs, arrest fugitives, and border patrols. In addition, it is an excellent shepherd and guard dog.

After the First World War, many German Shepherds were introduced into the UK and quickly lost worldwide. This became one of the most widespread and popular dog breeds. But the most favourite shepherd dogs are Germans. There are about 500,000 shepherd dogs in Germany, 90% of which are raised by families. These dogs become good partners and guardians of residents, Domesticated by rescue organizations and other institutions.

However, shepherd dogs also have a history of being used in warfare. During the First World War, They were sent to the front to fight; in the Second World War, Hitler ordered his army to recruit 200,000 shepherd dogs. These strictly trained Shepherds became victims of escorting explosives and Watchdogs of Nazi concentration camps. Later, after the Berlin Wall was built, it also served as a guard on the East and West Germany border.

In the peaceful years after the Second World War, he became a movie star and played an essential role in many TV series. People, especially young friends, deeply loved him. In the TV series “Officer Rex,” the Shepherd performs excellently. The film was translated into 26 languages ​​, screened worldwide, and widely spread. He became famous all over the world.

In April 1999, this dog celebrated its “100th birthday”. Shepherd dog associations and dog lovers all over Germany have observed and commemorated the centenary of the birth of the “King of Dogs in the World” through different activities.

German Shepherd’s relationship with the owner

Determination, commitment, and perseverance are the three fundamental characteristics of those who want to own a German Shepherd. He loves to build a relationship of trust with his owner. He is not intimidated by situations or people, managing to keep everything under control. Shows great respect for assigned work and completes it. It adapts to any situation and is very quickly trained.

He feels the need to satisfy his master and feel useful. The ideal person to have a dog of this breed must be attentive and affectionate. He must make him do frequent tasks that keep him busy. He should be praised and petted at the end of a job well done.

Relationship with children

It is not a good idea to have a German Shepherd when there are children. Nothing could be more false. His playful nature and balanced temperament make him the ideal breed in a family with children.

It is not at all aggressive with its owner’s family. Also, if educated properly, he can freely play with children. It is advisable to keep him under control when playing with younger children, as although he is affectionate and sweet with children, he cannot measure their strength. But new commers can affected by the anger of this dog breed.

Suitable for crowd

Because of their tall size, mighty appearance, and strong working ability, these dogs are vigilant and suspicious of strangers and have a strong sense of protection. Therefore, they are used as military dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and guide dogs all over the world. Dogs, shepherd dogs, watchdogs,

Because of its large size, it is generally not suitable for keeping in apartments with small spaces. The best place to live is the edge of the city or villa area, with no restrictions on raising large dogs, where others interfere.

German Shepherd: Health

Although any pathology can affect any dog breed, some affect some breeds more than others. The German Shepherd, for its part, can present some recurring diseases, such as:


This hereditary disease is detected at 2 or 3 years of age. It produces pain since intraocular pressure increases; the animal can rub its eye against surfaces. You can see the opaque and dilated pupil as a symptom. The treatment is surgical.

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is characterized by inflammation and pain in the joint between the hip and the femur. Produces lameness and decalcification. It is a hereditary disease, but it can be combated by controlling the diet and the animal’s weight and restricting exercise. When the dog is a puppy, the vet may suggest performing a hip x-ray for early detection of the disease.

Pigmentary keratitis

It is an inflammation of the cornea. This condition is autoimmune; it occurs when the animal’s immune system fights against its structures (conjunctiva or conjunctiva and cornea). It can manifest from 3 to 7 years of life; some of its symptoms are red eye (irritated conjunctiva), changes in the colour of the cornea, spots on the eye’s surface, mucous secretion and poor vision. With proper treatment, it can be controlled.

German Shepherd Puppies Family
German Shepherd Puppies Family

German Shepherd Pregnancy Characteristics

  1. Increased appetite, accompanied by obesity and vomiting.
  2. When the genitals are not developed, they are swollen and the breasts are obviously developed.
  3. It can be clearly seen that the abdomen bulges to the left and right, and some will sag.
  4. The temper of the this dog will become bad and irritable.
  5. And I will be restless, and I prefer to go to darker places where there is no one.

German Shepherd Vaccination Time

The first vaccine: German shepherd puppies should be vaccinated against kennel cough when they are 30 days old.

The second vaccine shot: When the dog is seven to eight weeks old, it must receive the first shot of the six-vaccination vaccine. Before taking the dog for vaccination, ensure that th puppies do not have any signs of illness. For example, a cold or diarrhea.

The third vaccine shot: At 11 to 12 weeks, you should receive the second six-vaccination injection.

The fourth vaccine shot: puppies born 14 to 15 weeks old can be injected with the third six-in-one vaccine.

The fifth dose of vaccine: After the third dose of the six-in-one vaccine, one week later, receive a rabies vaccine injection.

After that, the six-vaccination and rabies vaccine should be injected regularly every year to control the dog’s disease effectively.


German dogs grow and develop very fast; diet and nutrition are essential because the puppies’ organs are not fully mature, they can’t absorb excessive food, and overeating can easily cause enteritis problems, so it is better to raise puppies. The more refined the feed, the better, and it is best to eat less and more meals so that it can be absorbed slowly. At the same time, pay attention to giving the puppies enough rest and sleep time.

What food is good for German Shepherds?

From the perspective of staple food, it is recommended to feed dog food, different dog food at various stages; young dogs are fed puppy food with high nutritional value, and adult dogs are fed adult dog food with a balanced nutrition ratio.

You can also provide wet or semi-moist food at ordinary times, but you must brush your dog’s teeth regularly.

Secondly, regarding snacks, it is recommended to feed cooked meat, such as beef, chicken breast, thornless fish, etc., or directly feed freeze-dried. At the same time, you can provide a small amount of vegetables and fruits.

What German Shepherds Can’t Eat:

  1. Egg and milk: milk, egg white, raw egg.
  2. Vegetables: onions, green onions, garlic.
  3. Fruits: grapes, mangoes, pineapple, carambola.
  4. Meat: raw meat, liver, seafood, chicken and duck bones.
  5. Snacks: chocolate, candy, dessert, ice cream.
  6. Spices: mustard, ginger, pepper, curry powder and other spices.

In addition, you should give your dog proper exercise every day, take it out for a walk or run for about an hour, and only stay in the house for a short time; it will affect its bone development and growth.


Do not take a bath frequently

Bathing the dog, of course, should not be too frequent. Bathing the German Shepherd depends on the dog’s hygiene. In summer, when the weather is hot, you can wash it once or twice more, and in winter, you can reduce it once or twice, but generally, it should be at most five times. Second-rate. Otherwise, it will damage its coat and skin.

Diligent in combing

Dogs shed hair almost every day, especially in spring and autumn. Seasonal hair loss is more severe. If you want to grow good hair, frequent grooming is essential. Owners can use special combs for pets to help dogs clean up naturally. Shed hair and avoid tangles. Comb once in the morning and evening, about five minutes at a time.

Basking in the sun

Sunbathing is good for the growth of dog hair, and letting the dog bask in the sun can make the hair more shiny and help sterilize the bacteria. While basking in the sun, pet owners can let the dog exercise, which can help improve the dog’s health. It can also promote blood circulation and help grow healthier hair.

Smooth Haired German Shepherd
Smooth Haired Shepherd


Bad hair and lack of luster have a lot to do with parasites. Parasites will absorb and rob them of nutrients in dogs, so deworming work is indispensable. When deworming, doing it inside and outside the body is recommended. The deworming medicine is very harmful to the dog’s stomach, so it is usually recommended to feed it with probiotics to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort.

Pay attention to diet

Suppose you want your Shepherd to have a beautiful coat. In that case, you must lay an excellent nutritional foundation and pay attention to your daily diet. On the one hand, feed dogs nutritious and healthy dog ​​food, choose a dog food that is suitable for dogs, nutritious, and sufficient to meet their needs of dogs; on the other hand, you can feed dogs lean meat and cooked egg yolk in moderation, and vegetable oils, etc.

German Shepherd Prices

Taking care of a this dog breeding facility takes work. We recommend you be cautious with the advertisements searched online and look for a licensed and certified breeding center. the German Shepherd’s average price is 2500 dollars and sometimes it can be higher around 3500 dollars.

This is because care and maintenance involve several expenses for the breeder. It would be best if you bought from a trusted breeder so that you can be sure that your puppy has been:

Bred for good health and temperament;
Well selected (his parents were chosen without genetic diseases);
Socialized adequately so that it is not too fearful or too aggressive;
Vaccinated and well cared for.

In addition, if you adopt a puppy, the reliable breeder will give you a veterinary certificate, which states that the dewormed and completely healthy animal is delivered.

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