Akita in the Apartment

Is It Good To Keep An Akita In the Apartment?

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Akita Inu is considered one of the oldest breeds on our planet. The first mention of dogs similar in appearance to chanterelles dates back to the distant second millennium BC. At that time, animals were faithful and devoted companions and very clever hunters, for which they fell in love with people.

Time passes, and everything changes, but Akita Inu, as before, is loved by many. Although, now they are turned on more for the soul than for conquests. What you need to know when planning to start an Akita in the apartment,

Let’s talk below.

Akita breed features

Akita is not a picky breed and may well exist both at court, that is, in a private house, and live in an apartment. They are not noisy, and will not bark for no reason or at the slightest provocation, but if something really angers or disturbs the animal, barking will be inevitable.

Akita at home will always find something to do and have fun, therefore, from a very early age, it is necessary to clearly establish the limits of what is permitted, and pay maximum attention to the animal. Do not forget that delicious food and a warm bed are good, but contact with the owner is much more important for the pet’s psycho-emotional state.

Akita breed features

In addition, this breed, so to speak, is not for wimps. Strong enough in spirit and temper, animals will try to take a leading position and dictate their own rules of living. Therefore, if you have no experience with dogs and you are just a beginner fancier, think carefully about purchasing an Akita puppy. After all, in the absence of proper upbringing and training, it will be difficult to control the dog.

An Interesting Fact:

In Japan, to get an Akita Inu, a documented dog breeding experience of at least 10 years is required.

Do not lose sight of the fact that even if an Akita inu lives in an apartment, like a pet, she is a born hunter in her soul. Neighborhoods and living under the same roof as other living creatures, especially cats, can end badly.

Especially if the decision to get another pet came after you got a dog. If a puppy from early childhood got into a house where there are other representatives of flora and fauna, he will voluntarily forcibly treat them calmly.

As for children, pets are excellent nannies. They will play with the child with care, and even with some trepidation, with pleasure supporting any of his undertakings. But, it is worth understanding that the older the baby, the better. Active walks, outdoor games, and maximum contact will have the best effect on both the animal and the child himself.

Conditions for keeping an Akita in the Apartment

Akitas are free dogs, so it is best to start this breed for a private home. But, if the desire to acquire these Japanese small ones is too great, you can get an Akita inu at home. But, in this case, you will have to carefully prepare and think through everything to the smallest detail below we discuss 4 points that should be made before keeping an Akita in Apartment

Resting place for dogs

It is a mistake to think that if an animal is a pet, it does not need its own corner. Be sure to set up a secluded place where the dog will feel comfortable and protected. But, beware of places where a draft walks or, like a stove, batteries heat up.

A place for feeding

Be sure to decide on this item as soon as you have acquired a puppy. It is better if it is not a kitchen, but a place that is calm and impassable. It is not advisable to feed in a room or near the animal’s house, as you will live in eternal crumbs and food remnants.

keeping an Akita in the Apartment


If an American Akita sits in an apartment around the clock, this is a bad sign. At least twice a day, morning and evening, and if possible even more, walk the dog for at least an hour. Moreover, this should not be a monotonous walk, as if you are going to the theater in full dress, but rather active exercises with physical exercises. It will not be superfluous at least once a week to visit specialized dog training grounds and places that are equipped so that the animal can frolic heartily and keep muscles in good shape.

Remember to keep the animal clean

Although dogs are famous for their cleanliness, after each walk, they will put themselves in order on their own. Taking care of the coat, helping during the molting season, and then keeping the Akita inu in the apartment will be easy and pleasant. Do not forget to check the condition of the ears and nails weekly and trim the hair between the paw pads.

But you can’t think about swimming. Bath procedures are best done twice a year, using special shampoos. Systematic bathing will not only not be beneficial, but will also have tremendous harm to the condition of the animal’s coat. After all, active chemical elements literally wash off the protective layer and fat, making the coat and skin more vulnerable.


Our article on Akita in the apartment comes to an end with the conclusion that the decision to get a dog is quite responsible and serious. After all, the life of the animal depends on how ready you are for this. If you properly prepare and care for the dog, keeping an Akita in an apartment will bring a lot of positive emotions.

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