Borzoi Colors: A Prismatic Palette of Elegance

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The Borzoi colors and coat is in different shades. The Borzoi, also known as the Russian Wolfhound, is a breed of dog with an intriguing history and an exquisite appearance.

Renowned for their grace, elegance, and agility, Borzois are admired for their regal stature and stunning array of colors. From the soft hues of cream and white to the deep, rich tones of black and brindle, Borzoi colors add to the allure of this magnificent breed. In this blog post, we will explore the captivating colors that grace the coats of Borzois, celebrating the beauty and diversity of this exceptional canine.

Common Borzoi Colors

There Are a Number of Borzoi Colors. we are giving the table of Borzoi colors and their color codes

Black & Cream010
Black & Brindle008
Silver Brindle303
Gold Brindle485
Silver Sable286
Blue & Cream273
Mahogany Red495
Sabled Cream494
Red Sable155
Cream Sable348
Blue Brindle056
Gold Sable486
Brindled Sable490
Sabled Gold491
Sabled Red492
Mahogany Brindle493
Table data collected from AKC’s official website

Borzoi Color Marking

The Borzoi breed showcases a remarkable variety of coat colors, each contributing to the breed’s elegance and charm. From the pristine whites symbolizing purity to the affluent blacks emanating power, the subtle greys reflecting serenity, and the captivating patterns of brindle adding intrigue, Borzois exhibits a breathtaking range of hues. Here are some marking colors and their registration codes.

MarkingRegistration Codes
Spotted On White, Black Mask436
White Markings, Black Mask114
White Trim, Black Mask437
Spotted On White, Ticked438
Black Mask004
Spotted On White071
White Markings, Ticked439
White Trim114
Table data collected from AKC’s official website

Borzoi Coat Colors detail

The coat of dogs of this breed is long, silky, slightly wavy, and fits snugly to the body. A large curl is possible but without curliness. In the area of ​​the head, ears, and sides, the hair is shorter, and denser, in the neck area it is longer, with a wave, the hips and sides are covered with short hair, and curls are possible.

Dogs have a dewlap and feathering – a muff in the neck, lower chest, and abdomen, long hair on the limbs in the form of pants. There is an undercoat, but it is practically not expressed. There are several colors of the Russian canine greyhound

Classic White

One of the most prominent colors in the Borzoi palette is pure white. The glistening coat of a white Borzoi is a sight to behold, resembling a snow-covered landscape. This color enhances the breed’s elegance and creates a striking contrast against their dark eyes and nose. The immaculate white coat exemplifies the breed’s regal and aristocratic appearance.

White Borzoi Colors

Shades of Cream

Borzoi coats can also showcase various shades of cream, ranging from a light ivory to warm beige. These soft, creamy tones exude a gentle and refined aura, further accentuating the breed’s gracefulness. Cream-colored Borzois exhibit a subtle beauty that is both soothing and captivating.

Shades of Cream Borzoi coat colors

Majestic Borzoi Colors Black

Black is a color that exudes power and mystery, and when it graces the coat of a Borzoi, it enhances its majestic appearance. A Black color Borzoi commands attention with its dark and lustrous coat, accentuating the breed’s sleek lines and noble features. The deep, intense black adds an element of drama to Borzoi’s overall allure.

Black color Borzoi

Enchanting Brindle

Brindle is a captivating color pattern seen in some Borzois. It consists of a base color, typically fawn or cream, with darker stripes or streaks running through it. Brindle Borzois possesses a unique and enchanting coat that is sure to turn heads. The interplay of lighter and darker tones creates a visually striking effect, highlighting the breed’s graceful contours.

Subtle Grays

Gray is another color that graces the coats of Borzois, offering a spectrum of shades from pale silver to deep charcoal. The muted tones of gray provide a sophisticated and understated elegance to the breed’s appearance. Gray Borzois exudes an air of tranquility and poise, making them even more captivating to behold.

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Mesmerizing Patterns of Brindle

In addition to solid colors, some Borzois exhibit the mesmerizing patterns of brindle. Brindle coats consist of a base color, such as fawn or cream, adorned with darker stripes or streaks. This unique and eye-catching pattern adds an element of intrigue to the breed’s appearance, enhancing its already captivating presence. Brindle Borzois possess a coat that is both striking and alluring, ensuring they stand out in a crowd.


Whether solid or patterned, each color variation enhances the breed’s regal stature and embodies the grace and elegance for which they are known. The common Borzoi colors are a testament to the breed’s timeless appeal, captivating the hearts of dog lovers around the world.

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