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Why Is Your Golden Retriever Sad? Complete Guide

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Many people raise the issue of why is their Golden Retriever sad. 80% of Golden Retrievers over 8 Have sadness issues, But hide It from their owners you can observe this by Golden Retriever sad eyes.

Just the thought of our Golden Retriever suffering in peace from hidden pain breaks the heart of any dog ​​parent. Unfortunately, studies show that 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 8 suffer from joint pain.

And while we humans have the ability to reach out to the sick medic and talk to our doctors about symptoms, puppies are priceless. In fact, dogs are pretty good at keeping their joint pain a secret. but not for a longer time Golden Retriever sad face shows his all emotion and by his activities, you can judge whether your golden retriever faces some issues or not

Why do dogs hide signs of pain? As pack animals, not showing their suffering has obvious survival benefits. The ancestors of modern dogs would usually leave one sick pack member behind and slow down the group as a whole. As a result, dogs have learned to hide their pain well.

6 Signs of Joint Pain in Golden Retrievers

Weight: Obesity is often a sign of joint pain, as dogs become less active due to pain.

Difficulty in greeting you: This is one of the most frequently mentioned signals. If your dog normally jumps up to greet you or visitors when they first walk in the door but suddenly stops doing this behavior, something may be wrong.

Limping: Often arthritic dogs experience limping after getting up from lying down. Drowning may not last long, and may only occur a few seconds after waking up.

Decreased energy: If your dog’s overall energy has taken a turn for the worse, they may feel sore joints.

Irritability: If your dog becomes angry for no apparent reason, it may be experiencing hidden pain of some kind.

Increased licking, biting, or chewing: Notice where your dog licks or grooms themselves. Excessive or unusual attention in one area of ​​the body may be caused by joint pain.

If you haven’t seen any signs of joint pain yet, you’re very lucky, as most dogs will be affected by the condition at some point in their lives. The best time to take action is before symptoms appear.
Unfortunately, most dogs will be affected at one time or another by joint pain. There are many factors that affect how long or how bad the symptoms are.

In general, the larger the dog breed, the more likely they are to develop joint pain, and the earlier you need to start preventative measures.

6 Signs of Joint Pain in Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever joint pain treatment

Maintain a healthy weight: Make sure you know your healthy weight. All those treats and table scraps can add up to a lot of calories!

Consistent exercise: Different animals require different levels of exercise. Low-impact, consistent walking is good for your dog and yourself. Pools are a great option for dogs with severe mobility issues.

Massage: For dogs already suffering from joint problems, massage can go hand in hand to help relieve tension and increase flexibility. Be sure to pay attention to your dog’s response and note which areas may be sensitive to the touch.

Cozy blankets: Don’t skimp on your dog’s bed! Make sure they have enough padding for their body weight and replace them when worn. Better yet, let them sleep with you!

Golden Retriever joint pain treatment

Why is my Golden Retriever sad?

Here are the possible reasons why is your Golden Retriever sad read them carefully and compare them with your dog

Neglected by his family

Dogs are social and intelligent animals that can feel very bad if they are not cared for properly and I don’t mean just to give them water, food, and a place where they can protect themselves from bad weather, but also to show them that we love them. A single daily caress is not enough to keep our friend from grief. Our role as caregivers goes far beyond that.

These animals have a series of physical and psychological needs that we must respect Otherwise, we will not only have a lonely dog, but will probably start doing things that should not, such as digging holes in the garden, breaking furniture, or even an aggressive reaction (rather the word adequate would be unsafe in this case, because the dog’s aggressiveness is always caused by fear or uncertainty).

We all know the physical needs: food and water. But what about psychics? Our dog should go for a walk every day, and meet others of your kind plus, at home, we have to play with him, either with balls, teethers, interactive toys, or a combination of some.

Why is my Golden Retriever sad?

Loss of a loved one

Another reason behind the sad Golden Retriever is the loss of a loved one The dog notices when a loved one is missing, be it human or animal. Especially if you are very attached to him, you will feel sad for a while. It’s about entering the duel stage. In the first few days, you may be absent, and you may forget to eat or drink as well. you as their guardians, must ensure that this does not happen, but you cannot force it either.

If a dog goes 3 days without eating, nothing serious will happen to it. Of course, and as I say, you always have to try to avoid reaching that situation

Treatment of Depression in Dogs

If you see that the dog is less active, sad, or disinterested, it’s time to ask yourself if you can fully take care of it. As we said before, you must devote time to games, but also to walks. Excursions with furries, or going to the beach are highly recommended.

The keys to having a happy dog ​​are basically three: honey, fun, and exercise. None of them can be lost.

If your dog’s case is serious, that is, if you have tried everything for a long time and you do not improve him, or if other symptoms appear such as vomiting, diarrhea, or fever, I recommend you take him to the vet to resolve the problem.

Loneliness in dogs is an evil that, if not solved in time, can seriously affect the animal’s life. Don’t let it pass.


Our article about the sad Golden Retriever comes to an end with the conclusion that there are various reasons behind Golden Retrievers’ sadness we discuss some joint problems for Golden Retriever that can cause sadness in a golden retriever and also discuss some other related problems about Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers need proper care and attention. you should take care of your golden retriever very well many people adopt golden retrievers but after adopting they realize they haven’t required time to take care of their dog at the resulting dog face issues of being neglected by his family which will affect both dogs and owner you take Golden Retriever to your home when you are fully ready to take care of him

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