How To Deal With Golden Retriever Ear Infection? How To Prevent?

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Golden retrievers are often more permitting to ear problems than other dogs, as a result of more allergies. Golden Retriever ear infections can often be difficult to treat helpfully. You take your pet to the vet, use the recommended medicine and think the ear infection is cured. A month later, it’s again, but this time your dog has developed a resistance to the drug, and now it doesn’t work. luckily, there are natural treatments for Golden Retriever ear problems that will effectively cure your golden retriever ear infection once and for all.

The Golden Retriever’s ears are very smelly, is it inflamed or infected?

The smelly ears of the Golden Retriever are likely to be ear infections generally speaking, if the Golden Retriever dog shakes his head, or scratches his ears, moves in a circle, tilts his head, and at the same time there are a lot of secretions and earwax in the ear canal, we must pay attention to it. infected.

There are many reasons for dogs to have ear infections, in addition to not paying attention to ear hygiene; when bathing or cleaning, the dog owner does not remove the accumulated water in the ears, and infection will also occur.

The Golden Retriever's ears are very smelly, is it inflamed or infected?

Golden Retriever ear infection causes

Generally speaking, golden retriever ear inflammation is often due to poor cleaning of the ear canal, that is to say, there are some parasites, or some ear mites, etc. accumulated in this place, so it is easy to have such inflammation, and sometimes Bacterial infection, or instant noodles, when you do not pay attention to replenishing water into the ear, will cause such a situation. ear inflammation is often accompanied by a more pungent taste, so it is necessary to be anti-inflammatory and clear the ear related to the golden ear in order to restore health.

If your Golden Retrievers ears are inflamed, the first thing to do is get a routine checkup. First of all, to see how inflamed my ears are, whether there will be redness, or if there is some foreign body that keeps coming out. You can wipe it with a cotton swab, then use special ear-washing water, drop it into the golden retriever’s ear, massage gently with your hands repeatedly, and finally pour out the ear-washing water, and it’s done.

Golden Retriever ear infection home remedy

What should I do if my golden retriever dog has an ear infection? Let’s take a look at the suggestions of a few enthusiastic netizens:

“You can buy pet ear drops. The golden retriever’s ears need to be cleaned every two weeks. Every time your dog ​​takes a bath, you use ear drops to drip ears and clean them with cotton swabs. you should pay attention to cleaning the dog’s ears, if water gets in, use a cotton swab to dry it, and take a bath Just drop it once, so the Golden Retriever’s ears will generally not have problems

Golden Retriever ear cleaning method

The ear canal structure of normal dogs is L-shaped, divided into the vertical ear canal and the horizontal ear canal. So in general, you can clean it with a clean cotton swab without worrying about hurting the eardrum.

If the ear canal infection is severe, an infection of the inner ear often occurs. This type of infection often causes severe pain, imbalance in the sense of balance, and a tilted head and torticollis of the dog. To encounter such a serious infection, you can use the method of ear canal irrigation. If it is particularly severe, if there is torticollis and pain under the ears, it is necessary to treat the golden retriever with special antibiotics.

Pay attention to removing earwax

There is also earwax in the dog’s ears from time to time. When the earwax accumulates too much in the ear, the dog will feel uncomfortable, and it may cause inflammation in severe cases. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the earwax for dogs frequently.

The method of cleaning earwax for golden retriever dogs is: first use alcohol cotton balls to disinfect the external auditory canal to prevent alcohol from dripping into the ears, then soak the dried earwax with 2% boric acid water or warm water, and take it out gently with tweezers after it softens. The tweezers should not be inserted too deep, and the energy should be highly concentrated. If the dog’s head shakes, the tweezers should be taken out quickly, so as not to puncture the tympanic membrane or puncture the ear canal mucosa, causing infection.

How to treat  Golden Retriever ear infection?

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How to treat Golden Retriever ear infection

Fungal infection is one of the common symptoms in life for golden retriever dogs it’s just that owners who have no experience in this field don’t know how to treat golden retriever ear fungal infection, and don’t know what to do. follow these steps to solve this problem

1: Isolate the Golden Retriever alone

Fungal infection of the ear canal is contagious. If there is more than one golden retriever in the family, there are other dogs of the same kind it is necessary to isolate the golden retriever separately to prevent other similar dogs from being infected after contact with It. Also, after isolating the golden retriever, remember to clean and disinfect the living environment it is best to disinfect comprehensively and pay attention to disinfecting the golden retriever’s nest and daily necessities for the golden retriever.

2: Help the Golden Retriever sterilize and remove mites

First of all, open the ears of the golden retriever, drop a few drops of Mengwei ear oil into it; and wipe it with a cotton swab to clean the earwax. In the process of cleaning the earwax, if the cotton swab is dirty, another one should be used to continue cleaning especially the folds of the ear canal must be cleaned in place, which is the place where dirt is most likely to hide.

Secondly, after cleaning the earwax of the golden retriever, dip a cotton swab with Wangxiang ear drops to scrub the outer ear wall of the golden retriever; scrub from the outside to the inside to the inner ear canal. The scrubbing step needs to be washed several times. After washing, remember to wipe off the liquid in the ear canal of the golden retriever and keep it dry.

Finally, it is necessary to use Wangxiang spray to kill the fungus in the golden retriever, usually after washing the ears. When using the spray, you should remember not to let the golden retriever lick the spray so as not to cause unnecessary harm

The second step is to help the golden retriever to sterilize and remove mites

3: Strengthen the nutritional supply of Golden Retriever dogs

During the period of a golden retriever’s ear fungal infection, it is necessary to strengthen the nutritional supplement for golden retriever dogs especially vitamin nutrition, which helps to increase skin resistance. Therefore, it is best to feed the golden retriever more vitamin-rich foods such as apple puree and carrot puree during the period, or directly feed Mengwei nutritional cream for quick supplementation

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