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Are Borzois Good Pets? | 5 Pros and Cons

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Are Borzois good pets? If you are finding the answer to this question then ask yourself. For what purpose do you want to raise a Borzoi?

If you are considering buying a Borzoi for your household you have to understand the temperament of this dog. Every dog is not suitable for all environments. So to understand this myth “Are Borzois Good pets” we will explore the Pros and cons of this dog breed.

Are Borzois good pets?

The Borzoi’s coat is silky, of medium length, with heavy, long hair on the legs, belly, and tail—colors: white, golden red, gray, black, and roan spotted. The height of an adult male is at least 74 cm, weight is approximately 41 kg. An adult female has a height of at least 68 cm and weighs about 34 kg.

Despite their large size, these kinds of dogs are gentle and calm in the home. They can be pretty unfriendly and aloof with strangers. They are tolerant of other dogs that are close to them in spirit.

Are Borzois Good Pets

Choosing the right pet for your lifestyle and preferences ensures harmonious companionship. In this article, we will explore the qualities and flaws of Borzoi dogs, helping you determine “Are Borzois good pets?”. Known for their elegance and grace, Borzoi dogs possess distinct characteristics that may appeal to some while presenting challenges to others. Let’s delve into their advantages and drawbacks to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Borzoi is one of the best hunting dog in the world. During the hunt, these dogs rely more on sight than on instinct. They love to run and can sprint with incredible speed, leaving the owner far behind! Indoors, they often behave like relaxed homebodies. Often dogs seem deaf to their master’s commands if the chase has already begun. They love walking on a leash. They are happy to be outdoors, although they can be unfriendly towards unfamiliar cats and other small furry creatures.

5 Borzoi Pros and Cons

Borzoi’s pros and cons will help you to understand if the Borzoi dog is ideal or not as a pet.

Advantages of Borzoi Dogs ( Borzoi as a good pet)

Russian canine greyhounds are calm, intelligent dogs. They can become devoted companions. Despite their pronounced hunting instincts and gambling, at home, they are calm and affectionate.

1. Phlegmatic Nature

Borzoi dogs are known for their calm and composed temperament. They exhibit a phlegmatic disposition, which can be appealing to individuals seeking a relaxed and tranquil companion.

2. Speed

Borzoi dogs are incredibly fast. They possess remarkable agility and grace when running, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate athletic and active pets.

3. Ideal Hunter

Borzoi dogs have a rich history as hunting companions. Their innate hunting instincts, combined with their sharp senses and excellent sight, make them well-equipped for tracking and chasing prey. While their hunting skills may not be utilized in modern domestic settings, it adds to their fascinating lineage.

4. Excellent Physical Shape

These dogs have a well-built physique and are known for their impressive physical endurance. Their strong bones and muscular bodies contribute to their overall resilience and vitality.

5. Gracefulness and Aristocracy

One cannot overlook the sheer elegance and aristocratic demeanor exhibited by Borzoi dogs. Their long, silky coats, slender bodies, and regal poise make them a captivating sight. For those who appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a graceful companion, Borzoi dogs can be a delightful choice.

Borzoi pros and cons

These dogs have several other advantages:

  • lack of aggression towards a person;
  • calm balanced temperament;
  • soft, supple character;
  • well-groomed wool does not smell like a dog;
  • faithful, devoted;
  • gentle and sensitive with children;
  • smart, quickly remember commands, and learn complex tricks;
  • unpretentious, quiet, unobtrusive;
  • fast, durable.

Disadvantages of Borzoi Dogs

Borzoi has flaws as well as advantages. These disadvantages of Borzoi dogs will show you that, is Borzoi a good pet for you.

1. Not Suitable for Beginner Dog Breeders

Due to their unique needs and independent nature, Borzoi dogs may not be the best choice for novice dog breeders. They require experienced handlers who understand their specific requirements and can provide the necessary training and guidance.

2. Requires a Lot of Space

Borzoi dogs are large and active animals that need ample space to thrive. They are not well-suited for small apartments or homes with limited room to roam. If you live in a confined space, it may be challenging to provide them with the necessary exercise and freedom they require.

3. Feeding and Physical Activity

Properly caring for a Borzoi dog involves addressing its specific dietary and exercise needs. These dogs require a balanced diet and regular physical activity to maintain their health and well-being. Their nutritional requirements and exercise routines may be more demanding compared to some other dog breeds.

4. Stubbornness and Willfulness

Borzoi dogs have an independent streak and can display stubbornness at times. This trait, combined with their strong will, may pose challenges during training and obedience sessions. Patient and consistent training methods are crucial to managing their willful nature effectively.

Disadvantages of Borzoi Dog

The Russian Borzoi breed is not suitable for everyone. These dogs are poorly adapted to life in an apartment, they need to walk and run a lot. Although they have a beautiful appearance, this is not a decorative breed. The Russian greyhound will not become a lap dog, it will not turn out to be a watchman or a security guard either. You should not start this dog for those who cannot pay enough attention to it and provide physical activity. If this dog wastes energy in running, his character will deteriorate, and he will start to get sick.

Representatives of this breed have a few more disadvantages:

  • Because of the strong hunting instinct, all small animals are chased in the street;
  • prone to escaping
  • cannot stand shouting and rude treatment;
  • can be stubborn and willful;
  • do not tolerate loneliness and separation from the owner;
  • shed heavily;
  • Special feeding is required.


Borzoi dogs possess a unique set of qualities and flaws that make them suitable for specific types of owners. Their phlegmatic nature, remarkable speed, hunting instincts, excellent physical shape, and aristocratic appearance are undoubtedly appealing to many. However, their independent nature, space requirements, specific feeding and exercise needs, and occasional stubbornness must also be considered before bringing them into your home. By carefully weighing the advantages and drawbacks, you can make an informed decision on whether a Borzoi dog is the right pet for you.


Is Borzoi Friendly?

Yes, Borzoi is a friendly dog. it is very attached to children, adults, and other animals but it is not friendly with cats.

Why not get a Borzoi?

Borzoi is basically a hunting dog. If you are considering him a family pet and keep him in an apartment then this breed is not suitable for you. you have to find Golden Retriever or Pomeranian.

Are Borzoi good house dogs?

Borzois are gentle and calm dog breeds. This can be good house dogs but remember Borzoi will not serve as a guard dog.

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