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Black Chow Chow Appearance And Price

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The Black Chow Chow has a black coat a gray shade is allowed on the tail and trowsers under the influence of sunlight. The tips of the outer hair become covered with rust i.e. the coat acquires A reddish tint, which is why some still call it such chow-chows chocolate, but in fact, this color does not exist. The nose and lips of chow are black, the eyes are dark brown, the gums are blue-black, and the tongue is blue of those puppies that are born with black

Black Chow Chow history

They are historical dog breeds. they originated over 2000 years ago At first they were bred for hunting like Golden Retrievers but both these breeds are very different from each other one is nonaggressive and the other is something aggressive. Also, Chow Chow was first bred as a guard dog, and he was good enough for this job

Black Chow Chow history

The reason why few Black Chow Chow are raised

There are only 5 standards Chow Chow colors, and almost all of them are quite common there is no preference for any color at shows compliance with the requirements of the standard is assessed but there are no preferred colors, although blue and white are less common and than others and red and black are classic and common but there are relatively few people who raise Chow Chow black. These 5 points may be the reason

1 Too domineering. The Chow Chow is already domineering. The black one is even more domineering. Just looking at the appearance gives people a very majestic feeling. The Chow Chow itself is very aggressive.

2 It’s not easy to find a black Chow Chow at night. It has big black hair and the lights are not turned on at night. If you take the dog out for a walk at night without a leash, remember to bring the leash when you walk the dog. Train the Chow Chow more often. Dog, let the dog obey you more so that it is not easy to disappear when walking the dog.

3 Aggressive towards people. Chow Chow is aggressive towards strangers. Many beauty salons not only dare to pick it up, but they may be bathing it at the last second. This is also because many pet shops are afraid to pick up Chow Chow. of the reason for the dog if the Chow Chow not only likes to take a bath, it is recommended to reward it with some delicious chicken jerky, so that it is not troublesome to train, and it can also make the Chow Chow like to take a bath.

4 There are many diseases. Because of the relationship between the skin of the Chow Chow, it is particularly prone to skin diseases, and the purebred Chow Chow is prone to trichiasis. You should also pay more attention to your diet. The Chow Chow eats too salty. It will aggravate skin diseases, tear stains, etc. The diet should be as low-salt and plain as possible, which can reduce skin diseases and tear stains.

5 Eat more. In terms of food, the Chow Chow can be said to be a big eater. The food intake of the Chow Chow is amazing, so the person who can raise the Chow Chow must be a rich person. It is best to feed the Chow Chow It is recommended to provide fewer leftovers and other human food for dog food. Because human food is relatively salty, it is easy to cause a lot of hair loss and tear marks in Chow Chow dogs, so it is best to use dog food as the primary food. “Dog food”, beautifies the hair and removes tear marks, so that the dog’s nutrition will be more comprehensive.

The reason why few Black Chow Chow are raised

Black Chow Chow Price

If you are considering adding a black color of Chow Chow to your family, it’s essential to understand the factors that influence their price Chow Chow’s price in India is between 30,000 and 60,000, and in the United States is 2000$ to 3000$

Black Chow Chow Price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is black Chow Chow rare?

The black hair on his body is rare and people consider this breed rare in Chow red and black are considered unique and classic the other 2

Are black Chow Chows more expensive than other coat colors?

As discussed before because of their classic appearance, there might be chances you will get black chow’s costly but there is no such particular pattern

How can I ensure I’m purchasing a healthy Chow Chow?

Ensure the breeder provides health clearances and certificates, offers a health guarantee, and allows you to meet the puppy’s parents or see their health records.

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