4-Month-Old Golden Retrievers Growth Chart, Characteristics, And Training

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4-month-old Golden Retrievers start growing very quickly this is a very important stage in puppy development. In this article, we discuss

  • Growth Chart
  • Feeding
  • Characteristics
  • Training
  • Weight
  • And Size

of 4-month-old Golden Retriever puppy so you can easily groom your Golden Retriever puppy

4-month-old Golden Retrievers food

At the age of 4 months, Golden Retriever puppies are short, and they don’t know how hungry or full they are. However, Golden Retrievers are medium-to-large dogs. This is a critical period of development, so you must not feed them multiple meals a day.

Moreover, medium and large dogs have a great appetite during development, so they must eat more, preferably Golden Retriever puppy food so that the nutrition can be comprehensive. At the same time, medium and large dogs need calcium supplementation for 3 months to promote bone development.

It is a competition-level dog. People say that it is fine to feed dog food, but it is not good to supplement it blindly. If the dog does not eat well, you can see if there are bugs in its belly that Affect her absorption.

If you dewormed it for 2 months. It’s okay to eat now, but she still likes wet dog food that has been watered you will mix some minced meat so that she can eat it.

It’s very clean, but don’t feed it too much, it’s fine if it smells like meat, it’s not good for puppies to eat too much. Calcium deficiency is prone to occur between 2 months and 6 months. One bottle of calcium gluconate a day is sufficient, and you can feed it twice in the morning and evening.

You don’t need to buy calcium tablets for dogs, which are expensive and unnecessary. Just use the blue bottle of 3 in the advertisement.

After 45 days can add grain and meat. You can give less raw fruits and vegetables, grate carrots into shreds, fry them in an iron pan with a small amount of oil, shred cabbage, add a small amount of bean curd residue, and steam them together with cornmeal to form Dabobo.

The chicken skeleton is stewed in a pressure cooker until the bones can be crushed by hand, and the soup and meat are soaked together to feed the dogs. Or use pig fan bones to stew rotten like a chicken skeleton, and add pig or beef meat heads together with meat bubbles. Do not give him the heavy-tasting stew that people eat, it is not good for the body, and the salty one is not good for the dog’s hair.

I think it is enough to give it once a week, don’t feed her greed. Anyway, it’s good for dogs to eat dog food, and don’t feed them human food. Dogs that grow up on dog food are less likely to get sick and have good nutrition.

4-month-old Golden Retriever

4-month-old Golden Retrievers growth chart

Here you can see the weight gain of a Golden Retriever in the first 10 months. These values ​​are interpolated and may deviate. It should serve as a guide.

The weight of a male Golden Retriever is shown in a table

At 1 Month 13 kg15 kg
At 2 Months 17 kg20 kg
At 3 Months21 kg 23 kg
At 4 Months23 kg 27 kg
At 5 Months 26 kg30 kg
At 6 Months 27 kg32 kg
At 7 Months29 kg35 kg
At 8 Months30 kg 37 kg
At 9 Months 31 kg38 kg
At 10 Months 32 kg39 kg
4-month-old  Golden Retrievers growth

4-month-old Golden Retrievers training

Generally speaking, Golden Retriever puppies under 3 months old are not suitable for starting training, especially small Golden Retrievers of 1~2 months old. It would be better to start training Golden Retriever puppies after 3 to 4 months. Why is it said that 4-month-old Golden Retrievers are best for training?

First, at this time, the Golden Retriever puppy is already relatively strong, and its bones are also relatively strong. At the same time, the vaccination is almost completed, and it is relatively adaptable to the new environment.

Second, this period is a good time to cultivate good habits of Golden Retriever training. After bringing the Golden Retriever puppy home for the first time, don’t rush to play and train the puppy right away, otherwise, the puppy will get sick easily.

The correct thing is to place the puppy in a suitable place first, let it rest quietly, and let the puppy have a sense of trust in the new home. This period lasts for about a week, and then you can start to familiarize the Golden Retriever puppies with the surrounding environment and establish daily habits.

Third, it is best for the same person to be in charge of the golden retriever’s diet, including observing whether the dog’s appetite is normal or not, and knowing when the dog defecates, etc.

How to train Golden Retriever puppies to defecate?

But when raising indoors, if the training of defecation and defecation is not done well, the dog will urinate and defecate anywhere, which is a big headache. Some people think that if the dog’s toilet smells like urine, the dog will go to the toilet there.

There are also similar “pooping liquids” sold in the world. But in fact, this method of using urine-smelling newspaper or toilet paper to make dogs remember the location of the toilet almost always fails miserably.

Because Golden Retrievers don’t like to pee where their own urine smells, even if the surface of the newspaper and toilet paper has dried. But intelligent Golden Retrievers will also rely on their sharp sense of smell to smell this peculiar smell and think that this place is already dirty, so they will go to other sites to excrete. So how to do toilet training? The secret lies in the habits of the dog.

Regular Golden Retriever toilet training method

First of all, we have to look at how big the Golden Retriever is. Generally speaking, it is best to train Golden Retriever puppies to defecate and defecate regularly after four months. First of all, make sure you have enough time to find out the pattern of its defecation and the signs before defecation. If you find the pattern, you can train it.

If you don’t have time, you can turn it off in another way. If possible, use the air box, otherwise use the air box. Wooden case, the carton is also acceptable. As long as it is big enough for it to lie down on, put it in there and ignore it.

Take it outside every time it comes out, give it enough time to defecate, and give food rewards in time if it defecates outside. If you defecate in other non-defecating places, you should reprimand it loudly, but don’t beat it.

Finally, the dog’s habit the dog does not defecate in the place where it eats and sleeps, and the dog usually defecates just after waking up and after eating. Mastering this rule should be a good way to train the good habits of the Golden Retriever dog.

Golden Retriever puppy during training

4-month-old Golden Retrievers pounce problem

First of all, when your 4-month-old Golden Retriever puppy is about to pounce, the owner should squat down, keep it at the level of its sight, and then stroke it. If some puppies still cannot calm down, it shows that it is very eager for someone to play with them, then Spend three to five minutes, touching it, and let them have enough fun! If he continues to jump after having fun, take steps to let the pup know that jumping is not fun.

Measures to be taken when the dog jumps over, hold its two front feet with a little force to make it feel painful. When the dog lunges, take a step forward at the same time and knock it to the ground. When the dog comes forward, gently step on its hind feet. In this way, it will give the dog the impression that jumping is not a happy thing.

These methods are not intended to abuse the dog, but to make it feel uncomfortable, so it must be moderate, and excessive violence is prohibited. Dogs raised outdoors generally rush over in the hope of being caressed by their owners. Similarly, the owner should squat down close to the dog’s line of sight, and then touch its forehead and jaw.

During the training process, avoid reprimand and anger. If your dog has trained the “sit down” command when the dog is about to jump up, order it to sit down immediately, then walk to it, touch it, and let the dog know how to obey the owner, and it will be loved by the owner.

4-month-old Golden Retrievers’ appearance and care

The Golden Retriever has a long, golden coat with a thick undercoat. Since she gets into tangles, it is recommended to combine your pet daily, making it an obligatory ritual. Regular carrying out of such procedures is an excellent prevention of skin diseases in a puppy, and then, if you teach your dog to comb from childhood, you will not have to run after him around the house with a comb. By the way, get a special brush for combing your dog.

Combing the coat usually starts from the paws, gradually rising up to the dog’s backbone. Bathing a Golden Retriever is often not necessary, only as needed. Use a special dog shampoo and conditioner for this purpose, which will make your dog’s coat shiny and silky. In the spring, golden is likely to shed especially intensively,

4-month-old Golden Retriever puppy ears need to be periodically cleansed of sulfur, which tends to accumulate over time. A special lotion is poured into the dog’s ear and the sulfur that has surfaced is carefully removed with a cotton swab.

Any unusual discharge from the puppy’s ears is a reason to contact the veterinarian. The floppy ears of the Golden Retriever are susceptible to ear infections, so check them regularly for signs of infection.

Puppy eyes also require some care. If you notice a discharge from your pet’s eyes, use a special tool designed for dogs. If the discharge has become regular, contact your veterinarian, as this is a symptom of a number of diseases.

4-month-old Golden Retrievers’ teeth need regular brushing. You can buy special bones for cleaning your pet’s teeth or use toothpaste for dogs.

The Golden Retriever’s puppy nails should be short. Often they grind down naturally during walks. If this does not happen, the nails must be trimmed. Now pet stores sell special nail cutters. The procedure must be carried out very carefully: cut the claw at an angle of 45 degrees from the inside to the outside and at the same time not go beyond the red zone of the claw.

Golden Retriever puppy looking at the sky

What does a 4-month-old Golden Retriever look like

A 4-month-old Golden Retriever puppy will have gone on to become a young furry dog. At this stage, the tail and legs of the Golden Retriever puppy look very long in fact, it’s a funny sight because they seem to be unfair to his torso.

Also within this period, the nose and ears of this particular breed will grow out (don’t worry, the rest of his body will catch up and he will soon become an adorable fur ball). You may even notice that the front legs of the Golden Retriever appear shorter than the hind legs. But it doesn’t take long to adapt, and an irregular growth rate is normal.

Golden Retrievers grow very quickly within their second six months. During this time, the puppy’s joints and bones will be vulnerable. Avoid anything that puts too much pressure on the dog’s joints, such as long walks, sudden stops while running, and going down the stairs. If the dog needs to be allowed to come down the stairs, help him with a leash.

4-month-old Golden Retrievers size

For a 4-month-old Golden Retriever, the height at the shoulders for male dogs is about 41 inches,

Of course, some Golden Retrievers are influenced by their genetic lineage, and some are said to have grown to the standard size of a giant dog. The Golden Retriever is too fat, which is not good for his bones.

What if your 4-month-old Golden Retriever is not vaccinated?

It is not surprising if your 4-month-old Golden Retriever The best time to start vaccinations is 3 months old. But if you forgot to hit halfway through the fight, then you need to ask the doctor. See if you want to start over. It’s normal to have not finished playing in April. But you still have to pay attention when traveling, after all, it is not big, about 1 hour a day is enough. Pay attention to hygiene. Avoid contact with other dogs.

  • Two possibilities are habit and skeleton. Exercise regularly every day. In terms of bones, you can eat development treasure bone treasure (mentioned below)
  • Since some people say that there is a problem, it is better to believe that there is something than that there is nothing. Suggestions and opinions are the experiences of others, and it is possible to happen on your Golden Retriever.
  • Dog food should not contain too much salt. Salt damages the blood. (Dogs are also picky about their taste. Some dog food they don’t eat because they don’t like the taste.)
  • Bones treasure and development treasure. There is also beautiful hair now that you’ve made the initial investment, don’t be afraid to place more. Help it replenish calcium and grow bones. You said your golden retriever’s hind legs are limp, maybe it’s due to calcium deficiency and bad bones.
    Calcium powder.
  • For 4-month-old Golden Retrievers, calcium tablets may still be difficult to digest. You should buy good-quality pet calcium powder and mix it evenly in the food. (It is not guaranteed that every dog ​​will accept calcium powder, my golden retriever hates calcium powder very much)
3 Golden Retriever puppies

Is now the right time for you to get a Golden Retriever puppy?

Puppies can really change your life, so you need to make sure it’s the right time to bring one home. As you ask yourself the following questions if you are unsure

Do I have time to socialize with the new puppy?

Do I have time to train the puppy every day?

What is my housing program for training?

Will my puppy have enough company?

Is everyone in my house ready to share the puppy chores?

Do I have time to train this dog enough when they are older?

Am I prepared for possible health problems in my puppy?

Can I pay the vet bills and the new equipment needed?

Do I have a place for a puppy or dog?

If you are not sure about the answer to any of these questions, now may not be the right time to have a puppy.

It does not mean that you will never be able to have one. But, getting a puppy at the wrong time can be very stressful, for you and the puppy!

If you feel like this is the right time for a puppy, and you don’t have other commitments that would take up your time and focus on raising a puppy,


Our article about a 4-month-old Golden Retriever puppy is just a guide to show how can you train your Golden Retriever puppies Golden Retrievers to make excellent pets, and we understand how difficult it is to resist the temptation to bring a puppy home. If you do, however, you should understand what to expect from your new dog.

It is important to document their growth in the first few years of their lives. This sets your dog up for a long, healthy life. That being said, don’t worry too much if your dog is outside. All dogs grow at their own pace, so as long as you feed an adequate amount of high-quality puppy food and have regular vaccinations, you should be fine. enough. Well, your 4-month-old golden retriever is still very young you should take care of your dog very much

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