How To Take Care of Golden Retriever Coat

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In this article, we will take a closer look at the Golden Retriever coat Interestingly, the characteristics of the coat differ depending on the type even if it is called a golden retriever.

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Golden Retriever coat types

There are two types of Golden Retriever coats the American and the English Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever coat of the American type, is soft and somewhat long, while the coat of the English type is shorter and wavy than the American type.

Both the American type and the English type have a “double coat”. It has a two-layer structure of an overcoat (upper coat) and an undercoat (undercoat), and in the case of a golden retriever, it is characterized by an overcoat and multiple undercoats growing from one hair root.

The overcoat protects the skin from external stimuli, while the undercoat provides warmth. During the molting season, which occurs twice a year, hair loss is especially increased because the hair on the whole body changes.

How To Take Care of Golden Retriever Coat

Do Golden Retrievers need coats?

Whenever summer comes to an end and the cold season approaches, many dog ​​owners wonder if their dog needs a coat. You can’t always give a general answer to that. It depends on the breed and especially on the type and duration of the walk. In this post, we discuss whether a Golden Retriever needs a coat.
A Golden Retriever does not normally need a coat.

The Golden Retriever was bred to spend the whole day outdoors with the hunter, no matter the weather. The Golden Retriever has a thick, medium-length coat and a warm, water-repellent undercoat that protects it from wet and cold. With puppies, sick or old dogs, however, a coat can be useful in certain situations.

As a rule, a Golden Retriever does not need a coat. Its origin and actual use as a hunting dog alone are good indicators.

The Golden Retriever has a medium-length, smooth or wavy coat and a thick, water-repellent undercoat that protects it from wet and cold weather.

Old Golden Retrievers

If you have old golden retrievers, a coat may make sense. Old golden retrievers tend to have poorer immune systems and are more susceptible to infections.

If you are out and about with your Golden Retriever for a longer period in winter when the temperatures are below zero, a coat can make sense.

It’s not just about protecting him from a cold. Golden Retrievers are large dogs that also have joint problems (HD/ED) here and there. If your dog is additionally protected from the cold and wet, that is only an advantage.

Old golden retrievers

Sick Golden Retrievers need a coat

If your Golden Retriever is already ill and you want to take him for a walk, a coat makes sense.
If the immune system is weak and your dog is not as agile as usual and is also more susceptible to colds and infections, you can help him with a coat.

You can tell that your Golden Retriever has a cold by the following symptoms, among others:

runny nose
teary eyes

Do Golden Retrievers need coats in winter

A coat can be useful for Golden Retriever puppies if you are out and about in cold temperatures for a long time.

You have to keep in mind that just because of its size, a puppy will have a wet and cold stomach much more quickly when you are walking in the snow, for example.

The immune system is also not very well developed and they cannot maintain their body temperature very well.

How to improve the Golden Retriever coat

Here is a general way to improve your Golden Retriever coat at home


The Golden Retriever is a dog breed that sheds a lot of hair, so daily brushing is required. Regular brushing will prevent hair loss and keep the golden retriever’s coat beautiful

In addition, it is important to brush while checking the condition of the skin, as it makes it easier to detect skin problems and helps to manage the health of your dog. So that you don’t get tired of brushing every day, brush carefully and gently while taking physical contact.


Shampoo once or twice a month. Shampoo not only removes dirt from the coat but also removes loose hair.

Golden Retrievers were bred as hunting dogs, helping their masters retrieve their prey. Because it was good at swimming in the water and retrieving birds killed by its master, the coat contains oil and is water repellent

Therefore, to wash away the dirt, it is important to thoroughly penetrate water into the skin before shampooing. If it is difficult to shampoo a large dog Golden Retriever at home, please consider a trimming salon.

How to improve the Golden Retriever coat


Golden Retrievers are not a trimming dog breed and do not require trimming. Therefore, if the owner wants to trim, there is no problem with taking him to a trimming salon. Ear decoration hair is easy to get dirty and pill easily, so cutting it short will prevent disease and pilling.

Some trimming salons do not accept large dogs such as golden retrievers, so be sure to check in advance if they can be trimmed.

Why do golden retrievers shed a lot?

Many people raise the question about golden retrievers why do golden retrievers shed a lot? we discuss 3 reasons behind them

Because it is a long-haired breed

The reason why golden retrievers shed so much is that they have long hair.
Because each hair is long and conspicuous, you may feel a lot of hair loss.

Because it’s a double coat

Golden retrievers shed more because dogs with double coats shed more than single coats.
In addition, double-coated dog breeds use an undercoat to regulate their body temperature, so the undercoat is replaced during the molting season in spring and autumn. During this hair change period, there is a lot of hair loss, so it is necessary to take measures against hair loss.

Because he’s a big dog

The shedding of golden retrievers is also related to their size. If you compare a small dog of the same long-haired breed with a double coat, you will find that the Golden Retriever sheds a lot more.
Because Golden Retrievers are large dogs, they have a large surface area to grow hair on, and they shed a lot of hair.


In Our article about the Golden Retriever coat, we discuss briefly different aspects of the golden retriever coat. Naturally, Golden Retriever has long fur if you get a golden retriever you need complete care of your golden retriever’s coat because this breed shed a lot of hair.

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