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10 Best Golden Retriever breeders in Pennsylvania in 2023

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There are many Golden Retriever breeders in Pennsylvania but we choose the best 10 Golden breeders. Their popularity depends upon the people’s reviews and buyers’ reactions.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world, and Pennsylvania is home to many reputable breeders of these lovable and loyal pets. Known for their friendly temperament, trainability, and striking golden coat, Golden Retrievers are great family pets and are often used as service dogs due to their gentle disposition.

10 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are several Golden Retriever breeders who have established a reputation for breeding high-quality dogs with excellent temperaments, health, and lineage.

Golden Retriever breeders in Pennsylvania
Golden Retriever breeders in Pennsylvania

Some of the top Golden Retriever breeders in Pennsylvania include Saabi-Sil Retrievers in Lehman, Goldenrod Kennels in Markle, Premier Golden Doodles, Bella Notte Labradors, and SnowWater Retrievers in Pymatuning Central. Now, look at the detail of Golden retriever breeders in Pennsylvania.

1. Wickersham Farm, Inc (Golden retriever breeder in Pennsylvania)

Wickersham Farm, Inc is a famous Golden retriever breeder in Pennsylvania that specializes in breeding the authentic multi-gen Australian Labradoodle, also known as the Cobber dog. Their puppies are sought after by families residing in neighboring states like Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Ohio, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Vermont, as well as those as far away as Puerto Rico.

Buyers Reviews:

We are thrilled with our decision to adopt the most charming, affectionate, and endearing puppy from here. Our furry friend is incredibly sociable and enjoys the company of both people and other dogs. She loves to snuggle and play, and to our delight, she doesn’t shed or provoke my allergies. Additionally, she’s remarkably intelligent and eager to learn new things.

Kimberly did an excellent job pairing us with the ideal dog for our family. If you’re considering adding a doodle to your household, this is the perfect place to find one. They truly are amazing pets.

Golden breeder information:

Address: 750 Northbrook Rd, Kennett Square, PA 19348, United States
Phone: +1 484-888-4600
website: Wickersham Farm
Google Rating: 5.0 (25 Reviews)
Experience: 15+ years in business

2. Rockvale Puppies (Golden retriever breeder)

Rockvale Puppies is a Golden retriever breeder in Lancaster PA, the three core values that we strive to have for the puppies are raised right, raised well, and raised for you. We specialize in purebred AKC European Golden Retriever puppies, the beautifully rich dark golden color, and the pure white English creams. Our goal is to find the right puppy for you and your family and share the same love of puppies that we have. Feel free to call us for any questions about our Lancaster County Puppies for sale.”

2. Rockvale Puppies (Golden retriever breeder)
Golden Retriever running

Buyers Review:

From the moment I called Todd (as a referral), I could hear his passion for animals, and in our case golden retrievers. He was always available to answer our extensive list of questions and provided impromptu updates multiple times a week after the puppies were born. It made my family feel involved with the puppies from the moment they were born.

My kids especially loved getting updates and seeing the puppies grow up. It was wonderful when our family had the opportunity to go to Todd’s home and visit the puppies. We could see they were being raised in a clean, spacious, well-loved home by Todd and his entire family. Even after we brought home Izzy and Leroy, Todd continues to be readily available to answer our questions and help in all ways possible! We would absolutely recommend Rockville Puppies to anyone! We are really looking forward to years to come with Izzy and Leroy.

Breeder Information:

Areas served: Scarsdale and nearby areas
Phone: +1 717-682-4282
Google Rating: 5.0(71 Review)
Experience: 3+ years in business
website: Rockvale Puppies

3. Hillock Golden Retrievers

Hillock Golden Retrievers Kennel in Pennsylvania Tammy and Raisin have been awarded Amateur, Breeder-Owner-Handler of the year by the Golden Retriever Club of America Hillock Goldens is a small home-based kennel striving to fulfill our passion for goldens. They have been active in golden retrievers since 1971. They are committed to producing healthy, sound puppies with true golden temperaments.

All of their breeding stock is clear of hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and heart abnormalities. Their puppies are sold with a written guarantee against any hereditary problem. All pet puppies are sold on a Limited Registration. Hillock is located 50 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the small town of Ligonier. This is approximately 10 miles north of Exit 91 (old Exit 9)

Buyer’s Review:

We were extremely fortunate to welcome our first family dog from Tammy. Her golden retrievers are simply the finest – they are healthy, intelligent, and have wonderful personalities and temperaments. The puppies are also expertly trained (no need for wee pads) and Michele’s touch is truly magical. Being part of this community will undoubtedly be a cherished experience for you.

Phone: +1 412-601-0235
Google Rating: 5.0 (14 Reviews)
Experience: 7+ years in business
website: Hillock Golden Retrievers

4. Bryeridge Goldens

Bryeridge Goldens are Golden Retriever breeders in Pennsylvania. They are also an adoption center. They are conveniently located in the little town that time forgot of Tionesta, PA. Their uniquely beautiful friends are bred in the midst of the Alleghany and Cook’s Forests with down-home values and backyard barbeques. Raised to fit into any circumstances they may encounter, their Golden Retrievers are as at home in the city as they are splashing around in a country pond.

They don’t merely breed for amazing looks, but also for high intelligence. Their lines are frequently involved in activities spanning from search and rescue to service dogs for the handicapped, as well as being that furry companion that just plain loves being with you. They guarantee that they have the new four-legged family member you are looking for.

Bryeridge Goldens
Bryeridge Goldens

Buyer’s Review:

The quality of this operation is unmatched. Mary Jo is completely dedicated to breeding exceptional golden retrievers. Our beloved Annie is an incredibly gentle dog and we wish we could have more just like her. Thank you for the tremendous love and care that you put into raising your dogs! We highly recommend this breeder.

Address: 4614 Sage Rd, Tionesta, PA 16353, United States
Phone: +1 814-493-1045
Google Rating: 5.0 (11 Reviews)
Experience: 7+ years in business
website: Bryeridge Goldens

5. Saabi-Sil Retrievers (Golden Retriever breeders in Pennsylvania)

Saabi-Sil Retrievers is a dog trainer located in Lehman, Pennsylvania, specializing in breeding and training retrievers to be great field champions, outstanding waterfowl, upland hunting dogs, and overall family pets. They pride themselves on raising and training AKC American Style Labradors from proven Field Champion lines. They personally train their Labradors for AKC Hunt Tests as well as waterfowl and upland hunting partners.

At Saabi-Sil Retrievers, they enjoy teaching the dogs as well as their owners the basic skills needed to move on to more advanced training. They believe that a strong foundation of basic obedience and fundamental drills is a crucial part of a retriever’s career and that basic training should never be overlooked or rushed.

Buyers Review:

Randy is an exceptional dog trainer, who not only works wonderfully with the animals but also with the humans involved. Our experience with Randy was simply amazing. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional dog training services. You won’t just have one session and be done with it – Randy stands behind his training for an entire year.

Address: 1013 Meeker Rd, Dallas, PA 18612, United States
Phone: +1 570-690-7472
Google Rating: 5.0 (16 Reviews)
Experience: 7+ years in business
website: Saabi-Sil Retrievers

6. Goldenrod Kennels

Goldenrod Kennels is a dog daycare center located in the village of Markle, Allegheny Township in Western Pa, about 35 miles north of Pittsburgh Pa near Monroeville and Lower Burrell. It is owned and operated by Norm & Bev Brozovich. Their Golden Pups are sold with either a “Full” or “Limited” AKC registration, depending on your future plans for the puppy. They also provide a two-year written health guarantee with each of their pups and microchip them. For prices and availability or additional information, please call them at 412-952-1801, or for a quick response text Norm at 412-952-1801.

As Golden Retriever breeders, they have been raising their beautiful and intelligent goldens since 1990. Although there are show lines in their dogs, they are primarily placed as pets and companions with some used for hunting and even service dogs. Their pups are all over Western Pa and in many states as far away as Kansas and Florida

Buyers Review:

Norm is an extremely reliable and principled breeder. His puppies are genuinely exceptional, and he provides a very reasonable money-back guarantee. We were fortunate to have obtained our most recent golden retriever from Norm nearly two years ago. Our dog is a stunning creature with a calm yet playful temperament and has been in excellent health. I strongly recommend Goldenrod Kennels.

Experience: 5+ years in business
website: Goldenrod Kennels
Google Rating: 4.7

7 Premier Golden Doodles

Premier Golden Doodles is a Golden Retriever breeder in Pennsylvania that raises high-quality Goldendoodle puppies. They specialize in standard red F1b doodles and focus on producing high-class puppies with service dog quality temperaments that are intelligent, loyal, and calm. Their puppies are family and people-oriented, making them wonderful family companions. They thoroughly socialize their puppies so that they are ready to meet the world when they leave with their new families. To schedule a visit, please call them.

Buyer’s Review:

Working with Belinda was an amazing experience. She was incredibly kind, professional, and always available to answer any questions I had. Their dogs are well-cared for and deeply loved. Belinda and her team socialize and begin training the puppies before they go to their forever homes. Thanks to their intentional approach, our dog Indie (formerly Heidi) has excelled with crate training.

Golden Retriever beautiful puppy
Golden Retriever beautiful puppy

When we took our dog home, we received a fantastic starter kit that included food, toys, a collar, a leash, and all of the necessary vet information. I strongly recommend Premier Golden Doodles if you’re searching for a beautiful and healthy dog from a professional breeder. I can’t speak highly enough about my experience!

Address: 118 Harristown Rd, Paradise, PA 17562, United States
Phone: +1 717-475-5511
Google Rating: 5.0 (17 Reviews)
Experience: 3+ years in business
website: Premier Golden Doodles

8. Bella Notte Labradors

Bella Notte Labradors is a Golden Retriever breeder in Pennsylvania that specializes in breeding exceptional English Labrador Retriever puppies. They carefully select Champion bloodlines from some of the Top Pedigrees in the country and abroad and put considerable care and intention into the pairings for the one or two litters that they breed per year.

A strict emphasis is placed on health, and they use OFA certifications and genetic clearances as tools in their breeding practices. The parents have been chosen not only for their health clearances but also for their beautiful conformation and flawless temperaments. Ultimately, their goal is to produce the Ideal Companion Dog for you and your family.”

Buyers Review:

Bella Notte Labradors is a fantastic breeder! We adopted our adorable little Levi from Angela just a month ago, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with both the process and our new puppy. I was initially drawn to Angela’s breeding program because of her unwavering focus on health and temperament, as well as her commitment to biosensor training for her litters.

I appreciated that she continued to be dedicated to her pups, even after they had been handed over to their new families. Angela has been incredibly supportive and patient, answering my numerous questions, which has made this transition phase in our lives so much easier. I’m confident that she will always be a part of Levi’s life.

Address: Eberle Rd, Hickory, PA 15340, United States
Phone: +1 724-678-8884
Google Rating: 5.0 (5 Reviews)
Experience: 7+ years in business
website: Bella Notte Labradors

9. Larke Lab Kennels

Larke Lab Kennels is a family-owned and licensed kennel in Pennsylvania. operated by Larry and Linda Mock. They developed a love for labs in August of 1988 after purchasing their first chocolate lab named Kody. Even without formal training, Kody introduced them to upland bird hunting, which marked the beginning of their passion for labs.

Located near Altoona, Pa, and nestled between the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, Larke Lab Kennels breeds and raises AKC-registered labrador retrievers. They prioritize the health of their labs by ensuring all of their adult dogs have been OFA certified for hips and elbows (excellent or good) and have passed CERF eye exams.

Buyers Reviews:

I acquired my beloved Maverick from Linda eight years ago. Sadly, I recently had to say goodbye to him due to a rare non-genetic issue. The time I spent with Maverick was truly wonderful – he had the most endearing personality, was child-friendly, affectionate, and had no signs of aggression whatsoever. Linda’s home was immaculate, and Maverick’s mother, Meg, appeared to be content and healthy, free to roam the home as she pleased. I wholeheartedly recommend Larke Labs to anyone in search of a reputable breeder.

Address: 1344 Larke Rd, Williamsburg, PA 16693, United States
Phone: +1 814-832-2290
Google Rating: 5.0 (9 Reviews)
Experience: 5+ years in business
website: Larke Lab Kennels

10 SnowWater Retrievers

SnowWater Retrievers is a reputable Golden Retriever breeder in Pennsylvania. When you purchase an English Cream Golden Retriever puppy or dog from them, they promise that they believe in being truthful and honest and that your puppy is an AKC Registerable Purebred English Cream Golden Retriever. They promise that they have fed your puppy the best health food, and give him/her the best supplements available that they have found.

They promise that the puppy has been loved by them and handled numerous times every day in a loving way. They promise they have done everything that they could think of to ensure that your puppy will be a happy well-balanced individual. They promise to tell you everything about his personality that they are aware of. They promise all of this is to the best of their knowledge.”

Golden retriever family in Pennsylvania
Golden Retriever family in Pennsylvania

Buyers Review:

My experience with Brittany and SnowWater Retrievers was exceptional. The facility is first-rate, and all of her dogs are extraordinary. I was fortunate enough to acquire an incredible puppy a few years ago. If you’re searching for stunning English Cream Goldens that are highly intelligent, easy to train, and simply adorable, I highly recommend you visit SnowWater Retrievers.

Address: 4707 Scott Rd, Jamestown, PA 16134, United States
Google Rating: 5.0(22 Reviews)
Experience:10+ years in business
website: SnowWater Retrievers

Golden retriever breeders in Lancaster Pennsylvania

We have some Golden retriever breeders in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

  • Rockvale Puppies
  • Millport Golden Retrievers
  • Dahlia’s Goldens

English cream golden retriever breeders in Pennsylvania

Here are some English cream golden retriever breeders in Pennsylvania.

  1. Rock Haven Retrievers
  2. Star Country Goldens
  3. Plumcreek Acres
  4. Golden Dreams Golden Retriever breeders in Pennsylvania.
  5. Weber’s Golden Retrievers
  6. Stoney Ridge English Golden Retrievers
  7. SnowWater Retrievers- AKC English Cream Gold


In conclusion, Golden Retrievers are beloved pets in Pennsylvania, and there are several reputable breeders in the state who take pride in producing high-quality dogs with excellent health, temperament, and lineage. With their friendly and gentle disposition, Golden Retrievers make great family pets and service dogs.

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