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10 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Georgia 2023

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Are you searching for the top Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia? Discover the best options in this blog post, where we list the 10 finest breeders in the state. Find your perfect furry companion and ensure a healthy and happy addition to your family.

10 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Georgia

Welcome to our blog post dedicated to helping you find the best Golden Retriever breeders in the wonderful state of Georgia. If you’re considering adding a Golden Retriever to your family, it’s essential to find a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health, temperament, and overall well-being of their dogs. In this article, we have curated a list of the 10 finest Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia, each known for their commitment to responsible breeding practices and producing high-quality puppies.

Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia.

Whether you’re seeking a Golden Retriever for companionship, therapy work, or sports and activities, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore these exceptional breeders and help you find your perfect furry companion. We also add customer reviews so that you can deeply search for Golden breeders. Let’s Start>>>>

1. 4C’s Farm

At 4C’s Farm, they are a family of animal lovers passionate about golden retrievers and basset hounds. They are a Golden Retriever and Basset Hound breeder in North Georgia, breeding red and English cream Goldens and European and American basset hounds. Their farm name is derived from their 4 kids, Courtney, Cayla, Cara, and Corey. They are very proud of each of them and love their new grandkids, Reece, Lincoln, and Ollie. Their dogs are part of their family. They are indoor and outdoor pets their dogs do NOT live in a kennel; they live with them. That’s why they are one the most reputable Golden retriever breeders in Georgia.

Buyers Review

I highly recommend 4C’s Farm if you’re in search of a puppy. Barry and Pam provided an exceptional experience throughout the process. They were incredibly helpful in assisting us in selecting the ideal puppy that perfectly suited our family’s requirements. Their accurate assessment of the puppy’s temperament and personality was remarkable. We have developed a deep affection for our Golden named Gus, and we are immensely grateful for discovering Barry and Pam when we were in need of a puppy.

Address: 962 Harmony Church Rd, Gillsville, GA 30543, United States
Phone: +1 404-713-2257
Areas Served: Serves Atlanta and nearby areas
Google Rating: 5.0 (37 Reviews)
Website: 4csfarm

2. Island Labradors

Island Labradors is one of the most experienced Golden retriever breeders in Georgia. They have more than 7 years of experience in breeding. They breed from a service dog family line. They have trained service dogs for children with autism for several years. They are licensed to train in Brunswick, GA. These dogs are specifically bred for their temperament to work around and with children with special needs. They have three females, two of which are AKC registered.

Buyers Review

We had an amazing time with Island Labradors. Ron is excellent at keeping in touch and providing regular updates throughout the entire process. Our adorable puppy Dolly is in perfect health, affectionate, composed, and exceptionally intelligent. We are absolutely thrilled with our choice and wholeheartedly recommend this breeder to everyone.

Address: 14 Crows Nest Cove, Brunswick, GA 31523, United States
Areas Served: Serves Camden County and nearby areas
Experience: 7+ years in business
Google Rating: 5.0 (27 Reviews)
Website: Island Labradors

3. Riverbend Goldens (AKC Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia)

Their family raises beautiful AKC English Cream Golden Retrievers. They have been raising golden retrievers for over 20 years and many of their Goldens are from their own lines. All of their puppies come with limited AKC registration, a health guarantee, an updated health/vaccine record, and a sample of their current food, toy, & scented blanket to help ease their transition.

Golden Retriever breeder Georgia

They strive to raise top-quality golden retrievers. All of their puppies are well-socialized on the farm and are around children and other animals from an early age. Many of their puppies have been trained as therapy & service dogs.

Buyers Review

We had an amazing time acquiring our beloved pup Sadie from Riverbend Goldens! Even after nearly two years have passed, we still cherish the memories of meeting Debra and welcoming our new family member. The service provided by Riverbend Goldens was exceptionally reliable, caring, and professional. We wholeheartedly recommend them to others.

Address: 30139 Lovebridge Rd SE, Fairmount, GA 30139, United States
Phone: +1 678-848-5887
Google Rating: 5.0 (12 Reviews)
Website: Riverbend Goldens

4. Golden Friends Kennel

They are not your average breeder. Their dogs reside in a custom indoor climate-controlled home connected to an outdoor run so they get plenty of attention and socialization every day. Their dogs live with them when they are not in season or whelping. This enables their dogs to be familiar with living with humans. All of their breeding females retire on or before the age of five. At that time, they retire to their forever home to live a pet life. From time to time, they have retirees available, but for the most part, their dogs are claimed before they are ever 1 year old. They are the finest Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia.

Buyers Review

We are absolutely thrilled with our adorable new puppy, Jax. He’s an absolute delight! He brings so much joy and our son has already formed an incredible bond with him. The breeder we got Jax from is truly exceptional. They were incredibly responsive and supportive throughout the process. We wholeheartedly recommend them without hesitation, as they deserve a perfect score of 10/10.

Address: 484 Greenwood Rd, Hartwell, GA 30643, United States
Google Rating: 5.0 (10 Reviews)
Website: Golden Friends Kennel

5. Golden Retrievers Atlanta

Raising Golden Retrievers has been a family tradition for twenty years. They lovingly raise Golden Retrievers as members of their own family. Each family member works together to nurture, love, and train their Goldens. They love to take their Golden Retrievers hiking, running, swimming, and retrieving balls. These precious dogs require constant family love, and that is what their wife and three children give daily to all of their Golden Retrievers. These beautiful creatures have a special place in their hearts. They Are one of the reputable Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia.

Buyers Review

Tank came into our lives in February of last year. He recently celebrated his first birthday on New Year’s Eve, making him one year old. This incredible pup weighs around 90 pounds and possesses remarkable intelligence. He adores spending time in the pool and at the beach, displaying a profound love for the water. The tank has an exceptional quality of being friendly toward every individual and animal he encounters. Lee, the breeder, demonstrates evident dedication to nurturing both his breeding pairs and their offspring. We would unquestionably choose him again without hesitation.

Address: 79 Old Grassdale Rd NE, Cartersville, GA 30121, United States
Phone: +1 678-643-4380
Experience: 20+ years in business
Google Rating: 4.9 (38 Reviews)
Website: Golden Retrievers Atlanta

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6. Syrah Goldens ( Golden Retriever breeder Georgia)

Syrah Goldens are famous Golden retriever breeders in Georgia. They’re different from your average European-Type Light Golden Retriever breeders. They actually import their dogs from reputable breeders in Australia, Hungary, Ireland, Russia, and the country of origin of Golden Retrievers, Scotland. They believe in quality Golden Retrievers. Their breeding is on a small scale but results in a higher focus on quality. They breed, first, for good health. Second, for great temperament. And third, for looks.

Senior Golden Retriever in breeder

They pride themselves on producing fabulous-looking dogs with attitudes that are just as attractive as their appearances. All of their breeding males and females are Heart, Hip, Elbow, and Eye screened.

Buyers Review

We have a deep affection for our beloved Butters. However, he did not develop the expected male reproductive organs, resulting in him being neutered and lacking testicles altogether. Consequently, we ended up with a small-sized retriever when what I had hoped for was a large, cuddly companion. Nevertheless, he remains incredibly adorable and remarkably healthy for a golden retriever.

To provide some context, he weighs approximately 55 lbs, but I had anticipated a much larger canine companion. Additionally, his fur is not as fluffy as I had envisioned.

Address: 489 Ebenezer Church Rd, Jefferson, GA 30549, United States
Phone: +1 678-863-7591
Experience: 5+ years in business
Google Rating: 4.8 (98 Reviews)
Website: Syrah Goldens

7. BellaNottePuppiesga

At their home, they have a true passion for their dogs. They strive for them to live the best life possible in a very free environment. No cages, only very large areas for them to live a full and happy life. Every morning, they get them out and take them running (they live on 10 acres). All of their dogs are AKC or CKC registered and have been DNA tested to assure not only the purity of their breed but also to know if there are any genetic problems.

They started their business in Sacramento, California after 22 years of owning a Day Care in September of 2000 and have continued breeding since then. They are AKC-registered Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia.

They started to breed American Cocker Spaniels but were fascinated with large breeds, so their first standard Poodle and a Labrador Retriever were added to their lines. Their dogs are considered family, so they and their puppies get their full attention. They train, talk, and play with them every day until they go home. Their litters are born in their bedroom and stay there until they are at least 3 weeks old.

As breeders, they uphold the highest standard of ethical, humane treatment, and responsible practices. They would very much like to schedule a Meet and greet or a FaceTime session so you can meet them and their puppies. They can answer any questions you may have about their puppies and the way they are raised.

Buyers Review

I had an absolutely delightful experience with Mrs. Odette. My husband and I decided to purchase our adorable puppy from her and her husband, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

Address: 98 Maddox Dr, McDonough, GA 30252, United States
Phone: +1 916-613-3270
Experience: 3+ years in business
Google Rating: 4.7 (22 Reviews)
Website: BellaNottePuppiesga

8. Goldens and Labradors retriever puppies for sale

Golden Retriever Puppies for sale in Georgia

Golden and Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale are Leading retriever breeders – Leading the way in setting new standards in retriever Breeding and Ownership. All retriever Puppies come with a 12-month health guarantee and their unrivaled Puppy Package.

All listed Golden Retriever Puppies are for sale in Georgia. These Puppies are bred by them personally in their world-class facilities and every picture and video shown is strictly theirs and all rights reserved. With over 10 years of breeding experience, Retriever World’s unrivaled facilities mean that their Retrievers enjoy the best life, living conditions, food, treats, care, and knowledge. No other Retriever Breeder in Georgia commits the time, dedication, and money into their Retriever’s lives, as it’s not just about Puppies.

Golden Retriever puppies breeders in Georgia.

Buyers Review

We are delighted to introduce our two lovely girls from Golden and Labrador Puppies. They are thriving, joyful, and well-adapted. Our veterinarian has confidently stated, “The breeder is truly knowledgeable!” We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have discovered Kathy and her exquisite dogs. Her unwavering dedication truly yields remarkable results. They are one of the best Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia.

Address: 3247 Roper Ln, Gainesville, GA 30504, United States
Phone: +1 229-231-5790
Google Rating: 4.4 (48 Reviews)
Website: https://juan-canela-breed-dispen.business.site/

9. Lake Country Labrador Retrievers

At Sassafras Goldens, their dogs are family. Each of their goldens is selected and brought into their home to be their family pet and working companion first and foremost. Their dogs are only added to their breeding program after demonstrating temperament, conformation, or working traits that they feel will enhance the breed.

If one of their goldens doesn’t have what they need for their breeding program, that’s okay too! Because each of their dogs is in their lives to bring them joy, not profit.
They do not have litter year-round and, as a result, are able to focus all of their energy on the limited number of puppies that they have available.

They are so proud of every puppy that they have produced! Sassafras puppies have received amazing reviews from new families in regard to their temperament and trainability. This is not surprising as the golden retriever is a natural in both family and field. They strive to make a great breed even better through carefully selected genetics and their puppy-rearing protocol.

Buyers Review

I have a delightful Golden Retriever named Lolly, who happens to be from the Sassafras lineage. Since I brought her home, I have enthusiastically recommended her breeder on numerous occasions. Finding the perfect puppy was a breeze, and Lolly received abundant love and care during her early days and weeks. Should I ever decide to welcome another Golden Retriever into my life, Sassafras will undoubtedly be my top preference.

Phone: +1 229-234-0426
Experience: 7+ years in business
Google Rating: 5.0 (8 Reviews)
Website: Lake Country Labrador Retrievers


BIG GOLDEN & LABRADOR PUPPIES FARM. This is a highly graded & certified Golden Retriever breeder in Georgia. who has certified (registered puppies) and healthy breeds of Golden & Labrador at all the best potential, proper temperament & trained puppies. They take their health seriously and feed them with nutritious food. They also provide health certificates, insurance care, refunds, and toys and sports equipment for puppies.

They offer only the very highest-quality breeds of Golden & Labrador puppies. They also have a variety of toys and sports equipment available. Their selection is focused on Labrador and golden retriever breeds, sustainable manufacturing, local products, and corporate integrity. Their store is open for Puppy Reservations.

Buyers Review

I’ve been bringing my dogs to this place for approximately 14 years. Jerry and his team are absolutely incredible and show tremendous care for all the dogs. Our furry friends always return home happy and in good health. It’s truly the best place for our dogs, giving us peace of mind when we’re away. I highly recommend this establishment without hesitation.

Address:302 Bennett Farms Ct, Acworth, GA 30102, United States
Phone:+1 470-713-1936
Google Rating:4.1 (78 Reviews)
Website: https://big-golden-and-labrador-retriever-puppies-farm.business.site/


Finding a reputable Golden Retriever breeder in Georgia is crucial to ensure that you bring home a healthy and well-cared-for puppy. Our blog post has provided you with a comprehensive list of the top 10 breeders in the state, each known for their dedication to responsible breeding practices and the well-being of their dogs.

By choosing one of these breeders, you can have confidence that you are adopting a Golden Retriever from a knowledgeable and caring source. Remember to do your own research and ask questions to ensure that the breeder you select aligns with your values and expectations. We hope this blog post has been helpful in your quest to find the perfect Golden Retriever companion, and we wish you many joyful moments with your new four-legged family member.

Golden retriever breeders in the USA States

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  1. #10 on your list (BIG GOLDEN AND LABRADOR RETRIEVER PUPPIES FARM) is a complete SCAM! Shame on you for promoting this business that does not even exist. I found out the hard way and if you look at their negative reviews, so did others. The address they give belongs to a homeowner in the neighborhood that has nothing to do with breeding puppies. The phone number is a Google number and has changed. Google needs to remove their web site, but it’s not a priority for them.

    1. We apologize that you faced inconvenience. We will update it after confirmation as you said. They didn’t inform us, so you had to bear this trouble. You can check with other breeders. If you want to buy Golden Retriever puppies, you can explore other options.

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