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Top 10 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons

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Before starting Golden Retriever pros and cons, we describe some advantages of Golden Retriever. The main advantage is being able to establish a sincere affective bond with someone.

In my house, I can have birds and fish, but they will never be like dogs. The dog wants to be with me, he is sad when he is alone at home. When he sees you his whole body shakes, he cries with joy, he treats you with jumps and licks while your ass doesn’t stop. For me, a dog is not property or a toy for children. He is much more than a colleague, or a friend, he is a member of my family.

Golden Retriever Pros

I can’t conceive of a world without these friendly furry ones, furry ones that seek permanent contact with you, even when you’re sitting they lie at your feet, furry ones that contribute a lot to make us happy.

But they also make us unhappy for the brevity of their lives compared to ours. Twelve, fifteen, sixteen years is a very short time and your death is a duel. It’s what makes me doubt adopting another, the affection and union with these beings make their loss hurt us, a lot.

10 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons

Golden retriever pros and cons are like all other things and species. Everything in the world has some advantages as well as disadvantages. We try to cover all golden retriever pros and cons so that selection of dogs becomes easy.

10 Golden Retriever Pros (Owner’s Guide)

Are you really ready to have a Golden Retriever? Then these 10 Golden retriever pros are very helpful for Golden retriever Adoption.

1. Golden retrievers are well-behaved

One of the top Golden retriever pros is that He is almost an English Lord, he usually socializes very well with people in parks. They are sweet, loving, and gentle dogs who love to please people. they rarely find people or animals they don’t know.

2. Golden retrievers don’t bark a lot.

2nd advantage of golden retrievers is that they don’t bark a lot. because they are very friendly to everyone. At first, if you are looking for a dog that usually barks little and that doesn’t make noise at night, the Golden is a strong candidate for the vacancy.

3. Golden retrievers are attached to the owners

Golden retrievers are attached to their owners, play with their owners, and also go to walk with their owners.

10 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons

Golden retrievers are very attached to their owner, which gives them a lot of attention. If you like a Puppy like that, congratulations, this dog is ideal for you.

4. Golden retriever is a Playful and docile dog.

That Furry that only has size, that’s the Golden Retriever. An eternal playful and always very docile, thus being a perfect puppy for children. They play with children and they are the source of joy and happiness. if your dog is not attracted to then you will get bored.

5. Golden retriever is very intelligent and obedient.

One of the best golden retriever prose is that he is very obedient and intelligent. As if all its beauty and docility were not enough, intelligence is a striking trait in this breed. Easy to be trained, in fact, they are able to obey easy commands from their owner.

6. Good tolerance to climate change.

The Golden sheds 2 times a year, when summer arrives and when winter begins. The coat of a Golden retriever is very thick. The thickness of its coat helps it adapt to this change in temperature. that’s why they can maintain themselves healthy and active in summer and winter.

7. Golden Retriever is a Great Companion

One of the Proses of a Golden retriever is a partner who is up for anything. Whether to watches TV with you or takes that good walk, he is with you and doesn’t give up. That’s why you need to always be accompanied.

Golden Retriever is Great companion

If you are searching for the best companion that remains with you in every situation then a golden retriever is the best option.

8. Golden Retriever is a very sociable dog.

Pure sympathy, and lavishes a lot of affection on family, strangers, and other animals. with these habits, Golden retrievers are considered the best sociable dogs in society.

9. Golden Retrievers Are Relatively Easy To Train

Because they are intelligent, like to please people, and love to be pampered, golden retrievers are relatively easy to train. You can start training your golden as soon as you bring it home at eight weeks. Many good breeders even start teaching their puppies a little earlier than that. This is a great way to build your relationship with him, as well as help control the development of bad habits.

In addition, they are not only easy to train, but also very fond of it.

10. Golden retrieves Low Prices

One of the best advantages is that Golden retriever puppies’ prices are very normal. an average person can easily afford this Dog breed. because this is very friendly everyone wants to adopt this dog.

Golden Retriever Cons / Disadvantages of Golden Retriever

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. also, golden retriever pros and cons exist like every species. While goldens are wonderful dogs, they are not perfect. Below is a list of some of the cons of having one of these guys at home. But keep in mind that many of these things, like regular grooming and vet visits and feeding, will also be cons for any dog ​​breed. pros and cons of golden retrievers make an easy selection for purchasing a dog.

1. Golden Retrievers Lose A Lot Of Hair

One of the curs Golden retriever cons is that The Golden sheds 2 times a year. If you buy a golden retriever, you will need to get used to having fur all over the house. Yes, the fur will stay in places like: on furniture, on the floor, and on clothes. You will often find hair on your golden in food and sometimes even on your toothbrush.

Golden Retrievers Lose A Lot Of Hair

Goldens shed hair – a little throughout the year, but still, a couple of times annually they do a “general change”. If you have trouble accepting that part of your Golden’s coat will also be part of your fiber diet (or if you are in the habit of dressing in black) – this is not the right breed for you! Goldens also need frequent “salon” trips to keep their coat and skin healthy. You can learn to do this yourself or take him to the pet store, but this is a time that you will have to consider in the total time you will have to spend caring for your dog. Seriously think about these questions.

2. Golden retriever is a little bit Dirty

Dirty or wet paws, muzzle marks on some windows of your house and car. Anyway… if you don’t relax and enjoy, you and your dog.
Goldens are sporty dogs, bred for “fetching” games. They need regular exercise, especially as puppies or they can become very unhappy. If your biggest walk in the last month has been from the couch to bed, then maybe a sedentary pet suits your lifestyle better!

3. Golden retriever lost your things

One of the Golden Retriever Cons is that Goldens have RETRIEVER as their last name and comes from the Latin “put everything in your mouth and catch/bring!” The RETRIEVER instinct should really be a part of all Goldens. So if you wouldn’t like to come home and your dog would come with his underwear in his mouth, for example, and extremely happy wagging his tail and wanting to play with you, maybe it’s best to keep looking for another ideal breed for him. your temper!


We are discussing Golden Retriever pros and cons. This heading covers both pros and cons of golden retrievers because if you considering getting a dog just temporarily then you are wrong. Goldens are not just visitors, they will hopefully live a long time. Owning a dog is a commitment to the life of that dog. If you think that when your children grow up and go to school the dog will too, please reconsider the idea of ​​having a dog in your house. In places that have stray dogs, you can find many purebred dogs, maybe even Goldens, that have been abandoned because of a change in family life.


Golden Retriever Pros and Cons are very difficult to understand. As we know goldens are very friendly dogs and if you are not friendly then a retriever is not fit for you. It’s almost impossible to walk with a wonderful Golden on the street and not be stopped by strangers who ask about the breed’s aesthetics and friendliness. Goldens are “people magnets”. Have problems with that? So maybe a guard dog breed is more appropriate for you.

6. Slower Breed

Golden Retriever Cons is that this is a slower breed. Some Golden Retriever rescues in the US have spent thousands of dollars to save hundreds of dogs. This happens because the owners of these dogs had the momentary idea of ​​becoming dog owners and “breeding” to produce puppies and have an extra income. These people had no idea about breeding techniques especially about the ideal placement of the puppies.

These puppies, unfortunately, are proof that there are a lot of irresponsible people out there. If the puppy trade is done the right way it will RARELY be a profitable venture (breeders say so!!) Health, vets, and food are just some of the many expenses required for a “hassle-free” and healthy puppy. Therefore, Creation is a serious thing and is done only by recognized professionals in the area.

7. Golden retriever is not a watchdog

Among the Golden Retriever Pros and Cons. this is also a golden retriever con that these dogs are not watchdogs. Did I mention that Goldens just loves everything and everyone? They’d probably end up helping thieves break into your house, probably even helping them carry the silver


Goldens are born with a penchant for “play.” If you don’t think it’s funny to wake up with a frilly, ice-cold tennis ball in front of you or a puppy who decides that 2:00 am is the perfect time to play… should consider another breed to buy!

9. Golden Retrievers mature slowly

Golden retrievers do not normally settle down until around two years of age. And yet, many people say that golden retrievers are dogs for life. We were tempted to put this on the negative side of this article because they can be really tough, but their antics and pranks are endearing.

10. Golden Retrievers Don’t Like Being Alone

Because they are so sociable and love people, they don’t like to be alone. They prefer to be with their families all the time. The time. all.


Everything in the universe has qualities and faults. Golden retriever pros and cons are also effective in this breed. nothing is perfect in this world so Golden retrievers are also not completely perfect dogs but the qualities of this dog are much more than the cons like their friendly behavior, loyalty, obedience, learning skills, etc.

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