5-Month-Old Golden Retriever Growth Chart, Characteristics, And Training

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A 5-month-old Golden Retriever enters into the phase of adulthood. You will love seeing your 5-month-old Golden Retriever when he starts growing. In this article, we discuss feeding and other characteristics of a 5-month-old Golden Retriever after reading this you can groom your Golden Retriever easily.

Does your 5-month-old Golden Retriever look skinny

Golden Retrievers are big dogs, and a five-month-old dog is already very big. If the 5-month-old Golden Retriever is still skinny and small, the pet owner can supplement the Golden Retriever with more nutrition to enhance resistance. pet owners don’t know how to feed their Golden Retrievers to make them fat, they may wish to try the following methods

Choose good dog food for a Golden Retriever, don’t buy bad dog food for cheap

It is not difficult for a 5-month-old Golden Retriever to gain weight. Many dogs do not gain weight because the pet owner chooses bad dog food for the dog. To reduce the cost, there are many unscrupulous vendors in the market who will add other things to the dog food, which will reduce the nutritional content.

You can make several nutritious meals for Golden Retriever every week to supplement nutrition

In addition to supplementing nutrition with good dog food for Golden Retrievers, pet owners can also occasionally make nutritious meals for Golden Retrievers to supplement nutrition. The nutritious meal contains a variety of nutritious foods, and the delicious food can also increase the appetite of the golden retriever so that the golden retriever can eat more.

you can go to the vegetable market to buy some fresh ingredients to make nutritious meals for Golden Retrievers, such as carrots, chicken breasts, fish, pork, cabbage, etc. Search the Internet for a few simple and easy-to-make dog nutrition meals, and feed them several times a week, and the golden retriever will gain weight in no time.

5-month-old Golden Retriever look skinny

Female Golden Retriever Growth Chart

Here is the weight of the Golden Retriever month by month shown in the table

At 3 months 11 kg12 kg
At 4 months 15 kg17 kg
At 5 months 18 kg21 kg
At 6 months 22 kg24 kg
At 7 months 23 kg27 kg
At 8 months 24 kg29 kg
At 9 months 26 kg32 kg
At 10 months 27 kg 33 kg
At 11 months 27 kg34 kg
At 12 months28 kg35 kg

5-month-old Golden Retriever characteristics

5-month-old Golden Retriever characteristics

Now we look at some physical characteristics of a 5-month-old Golden Retriever Your Golden Retriever enters the phase of adulthood slowly so his physical appearance start changing day by day Golden Retrievers are very clever big dog.

Although it is not as smart as the Border Collie, it can be seen that the Golden Retriever is still very smart, especially when it gets along with people. Caring, Parents who treat pet dogs as their children hope to give dogs the most reasonable care

  • Gradually form the appearance and shape of the wolf-dog breed and the period when the deciduous teeth are replaced by permanent teeth.
  • The ears will stand upright at 2 to 3 months but be fully erected at 5 months.

5-month-old Golden Retriever training

Here we discuss 10 methods to train your 5-month-old golden retriever puppy

First, we need to let the Golden Retriever clearly understand the password.

Because Golden Retriever dogs are very sensitive, for Golden Retriever dogs to understand and remember, it is best to use short and clear sentences for passwords during training, and it is not suitable to say them repeatedly.

In addition, when giving orders, avoid being loud or angry. At the same time, the same password should use different tones for dogs with different temperatures. For example, to squat down at the same time, you should order it gently or heartily to a nervous Golden Retriever dog, and order it loudly and decisively to a lively Golden Retriever dog. Characters choose differently.

Be sure to refrain from rough methods

Like any animal, Golden Retrievers are very wary of people, and corporal punishment is the worst way to force Golden Retrievers to obey. From the dog’s point of view, being beaten or kicked for unknown reasons can only create the impression of being abused. If it is a very powerful owner, the Golden Retriever may obey out of fear.

However, dogs growing up in this environment have an extreme sense of insecurity, sometimes attacking weaker children or the elderly, and even dangerous incidents of biting people. Therefore, when the Golden Retriever does not obey the command, while yelling orders, shoot the water gun at the Golden Retriever’s face, and most of the dogs will be quiet.

5-month-old Golden Retriever training methods

Training anytime, anywhere

There is a misunderstanding that golden retriever training has a time limit, which is wrong. We should patiently teach golden retriever dogs what to do and what not to do in daily life such as walking, eating, and visiting.

Don’t give too much praise

Unlike educating babies, praise for golden retrievers should be limited to when golden retrievers are very obedient. If you praise it at every turn, it will confuse it, and it will not know when it will be praised, which will increase the difficulty of future training.

Be patient

Golden retrievers are not animals that can be taught and followed immediately after being taught once or twice. It needs to gradually form memory in the process of continuous training. Therefore, the breeder is required to be patient and train continuously.

Cultivate adaptability

Golden Retriever dogs often avoid things they don’t like, bark at them, or simply destroy them. This can sometimes cause a lot of trouble for the owner. In this case, you must be patient first, and never be impatient.

Let the Golden Retriever slowly approach the thing it does not like, and at the same time speak to it in a gentle voice to calm it down. If you beat and scold the dog at this time, it will make the Golden Retriever hide further.

Correction should be timely

When the Golden Retriever dog is about to do something that cannot be done, it should be stopped loudly and decisively. If you reprimand it after the fact, the golden retriever dog will not understand the reason and will continue to do those “don’t do” things.

What’s more serious is that if it is often reprimanded for unknown reasons, the Golden Retriever dog will gradually develop a sense of distrust towards the owner and no longer listen to the owner’s orders.

Do not compare with other Golden Retriever dogs

Golden Retrievers have different abilities, so you should train at a speed that suits them, and you must not compare the gap with other Golden Retrievers so that you think. My Golden Retriever is poor in understanding.

Ask an expert

In the process of training, if you encounter any difficult problems, don’t fiddle or guess by yourself, but consult experts or veterans at any time. This will not delay your dog.

The most important point is: have love

The purpose of feeding Golden Retriever dog training is to “teach”, not “swear”. The best way is to praise and stroke frequently so that the golden retriever can understand the happy mood of the owner, and the method of forcing the dog to obey by corporal punishment is the worst. All pet feeding is the same, the most important thing is to have a loving heart.

5-month-old Golden Retriever weight

The weight of Golden Retrievers is related to gender, nutritional intake, genetic factors, and individual factors. Generally, the weight of a 5-month-old Golden Retriever is about 18kg-20kg, male dogs weigh about 20kg, and female dogs weigh about 18kg.

The 5-month-old Golden Retriever is in the stage of rapid growth. It is recommended that the owner supplement the nutrition for the golden retriever. First, choose natural ecological dog food, and then use freeze-dried, canned, cooked meat and other foods to supplement nutrition.

Take your 5-month-old Golden Retriever puppies to other people’s home

When we take a Golden Retriever puppy to a completely new situation, such as visiting a friend, it is much more likely that he will forget his manners and leave an unpleasant puddle on the carpet.

There are a few things you can do to ensure an accident-free trip. The first thing is to establish a toilet area as soon as you arrive.

Golden Retriever family

Ask your friend where she would like your Golden Retriever puppy to pee in her garden and explain that you must take him there as soon as you arrive.

If he doesn’t commit, monitor him closely and try again a little later, just as you did at home when you first started potty training.

Encourage your friends to let you chat with them in their kitchen instead of the living room if there are carpets.

This will make your Golden Retriever puppy less likely to have an accident. Keep the first few visits short and make regular trips to the garden or yard.

The goal is to make sure the first few outings are accident-free so your puppy builds a history or pattern of never urinating in people’s houses.

Golden Retriever side pose

How to choose a healthy Golden Retriever puppy

Once you have found a reputable breeder and decided which male puppy you would like, you should choose the healthiest puppy possible. below we discuss some tips on how you can choose a healthy golden retriever puppy

  • Here are some health signs of a Golden Retriever puppy.
  • Bright, clear eyes no red marks, stains, or signs of infection
    Ears are clean no wax, crustiness
  • There are no obvious issues with sight or hearing he follows your hands, turns to your hand when you touch his head
  • Healthy moist nose no swelling or congestion
  • Clean mouth pink teeth, white teeth, no bleeding
  • Healthy skin no sores, redness, breakouts, or obvious damage
  • Healthy skin clear, clean, no lice or ticks
  • Clean the floor when it is dry
  • It is stable on its legs, without limping or difficulty using other limbs
  • Healthy weight no visible ribs
  • Good personality likes surroundings, friendly, bright, gets along well with other dogs and things around
    If the puppy seems very fearful or has any obvious health issues, it may be best to choose another dog.
healthy Golden Retriever puppy


Our article about a 5-month-old Golden Retriever is a guide to show you the best way to groom and feed your 5-month-old golden retriever puppy by reading this article you can groom your golden retriever in the right way Incase if you miss any information related to golden retrievers you can visit my site www.Danwaon.com

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