Akita Vs German Shepherd, which One To Choose?

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We compare two popular breeds Akita Vs German Shepherd. Germans are one of the most common companion dogs that accompany their owners everywhere. They are smart, and affectionate, and will be able to protect you and your family from ill-wishers. But the same thing is now being said about Akitas.

Moreover, German Shepherd is the most popular service breed in Europe they are kept as shepherds, and guards, trained to guide and rescue people in emergencies.

Similarities and differences in external features

Akita and German Shepherds are dogs of the same weight category. Both of them are quite large and weigh up to 40 (German Shepherds) and 50 (Akitas) kilograms. German Shepherd females are smaller according to the breed standard, their maximum weight is 32 kg.

Both breeds require ample living space. Such a dog can be kept in a city apartment, but only if there is enough time and space for walks and exercise.

Akita Vs German Shepherd Care and Health

Both the Akita and German Shepherd do just fine without time-consuming grooming procedures they don’t need trimming or curly haircuts. It is enough to regularly comb out the pet’s undercoat. The exception is the molting period when the hairs fall out en masse, but seasonal molting occurs only twice a year and is age-related (puppy hair changes to adult) once in a lifetime.

German Shepherd Care

Due to the specifics of the skin and coat with the fur of the Germans, there is difficult that the owners of Asians to avoid the smell of a dog. Akitas really almost do not smell (for a human nose they smell each other perfectly). However, the observance of hygiene rules by the owners of the Germans makes the smell almost imperceptible.

Both breeds are undemanding to nutrition and eat well both granulated and natural food. Veterinarians identify diseases, the prevention of which should be given special attention. A number of diseases in Akita and German shepherd dogs are common

Joint dysplasia (especially of the hip joint): Characteristic of most large breeds and leads to disability of the animal if it is started

Vision problems: Akita inu are usually congenital, in shepherds, on the contrary, they occur in old age, but both breeds are recommended to visit an ophthalmologist annually

Atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases: There are diseases that are characteristic of one breed and not characteristic of another von Willebrand’s disease (blood disease) and hypothyroidism (deficiency of thyroid hormones) in Akita, cardiomyopathy, and epilepsy in shepherd dogs.

It is important, however, to understand that any organism has weaknesses, and a tendency does not mean that the dog will definitely get sick. This information is needed so that the owners know what aspects of the animal’s health to pay close attention to.

Akita and German Shepherd Temperament

Both Breeds differ in intelligence, affection, and fidelity, but there is a difference. Akita Inu, most likely, will be attached to his main person the one who raised her all his life a shepherd dog can quickly get used to a new owner. This is partly why the Germans are so in demand in service dog breeding.

There is a difference in training Akitas are more difficult to train. Japanese dogs are capricious, sometimes even stubborn, they quickly get tired of doing the same thing, and you have to try to make classes fun for them (otherwise they won’t do it). And German Shepherds love to learn and follow commands. They are pliable, receptive, and attentive which makes them one of the most trainable dogs.

Friendship with other animals

When getting a large dog, many are afraid that she will not get along with pets that already live at home. This is a difficult question it happens that animals are in conflict. More often this is due to the wrong behavior of the owners, who either try to bring the animals together by force, not giving them time to get used to, or exclude communication between them altogether and react nervously to attempts to get to know each other.

Akita Inu

However, there are breeds that are really not inclined to share the owner with other creatures, which, moreover, seem small and frivolous. These include Akita Inu who has developed hunting and guarding instincts, they are owners and strive to protect their territory. The best way to make Akita friends with a cat is to take a puppy into the house with an adult cat.

With a German shepherd, it is easier she is not a professional hunter and not such an owner as Akita. It happens that shepherd females take care of other animals when they do not have their own puppies they share food, and they protect. Although the ideal option for them is to grow up with the cat.

Friendship with children

With a good upbringing, any dog ​​will be friendly with children living in the family. Animals are more likely to tolerate babies, because they cause them inconvenience, but a teenager can become a full-fledged owner of a dog. This also applies to Akita and German Shepherds. In addition, when your son or daughter can walk the dog on their own, it will become their reliable protector.

The ideal option is when the puppy and child grow up together, but the child is older (junior or high school). This helps to avoid canine jealousy at the birth of a baby and injuries that are almost inevitable when playing with a small child and a puppy. This does not mean that in other cases it will not be possible to achieve successful interaction, but the teen plus puppy option is the easiest and most painless.

Dog cocktail

The characters of the Akita and German Shepherd do not contrast with each other, so mestizos are characterized by the qualities inherent in both breeds exceptional devotion to the owner, developed guarding instinct, curiosity, and quick wit.

Shepherd Akita as the mix is ​​called, is not uncommon and sometimes even specially bred. Such dogs are used as guides, guards, serve in the army, rescue and search teams.

It is believed that mestizos have better health than breeding animals. There are no statistics regarding this. Regarding the mutual influence of dogs and people, there are also no statistics, but experience shows that pets eventually become similar in character to us. And we are on them. In case you want to learn more about these two dog breeds visit our website.

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